February 17, 2010

Wish I Was A Morning Person

I am a bitch in the mornings and I hardly ever wake up on the right side of the bed. So it takes me quite a long time to get up and get cheerful, as sleeping is one of my much loved activities and I dislike not being able to partake in it or having it interrupted. My folks and my colleagues have to constantly put up with my disgraceful morning mood several times a week. The fact that they are still around after being exposed to my behavior is evidence of their endurance. Or madness. Either one.

Mornings at the office are cruel, but I manage to survive to blog once again. Yes, I may be Miss. Grumpy Pants for this thing called "Morning" that ceaselessly happens every eff’in day and I start to wish I had the gift to set fire to fellow commuters and office staff with just a stare until I've had breakfast and a cup of tea. Then, and only then, am I the fun girl that charms the entire world over.

My Valentine's Day - I have to admit, I don't totally buy into the whole holiday thing. But it's a nice idea and I certainly have had a lot of Valentine's Day loving over the years to be thankful for. This year while I wasn’t dating anyone, I got to air-kiss my favourite valentine – cute co-worker. And it’s back to work so, you know - poof! - good, nauseatingly loving moment ended.

To begin the music section of this post, you know I'm a big music fan. You know that I'd give my left boob to be on a big-ass stage just once and contribute to the hearing loss of thousands.

Artist: Damien Rice

Album: ‘O’ and ‘9’

It’s rare that I find an album which impresses me right off the bat. Even rarer is the album I'll listen to multiple times immediately after I get. But this is one of 'em. Damien Rice combines indie rock, folk and rock elements into subdued yet powerful albums called ‘O’ and ‘9’, released in 2002 and 2006 respectively. And the strengths lie not only in his music but his lyrics. His songs are thoughtful, well-written and spin around things with which we can all identify. If nothing else, this album is proof that not everyone feels the need to be a pop star or a nu-metal growler. Rice puts songwriting and instrumentation foreground and with Lisa Hannigan as accompanying vocalist the outcome is truly inspiring.

Highlights: Volcano

6 Pulses Say:

Kro said...

ya, im a bitch too
thats why i never, ever want to keep a gun underneath the pillow.
thats just askin for trouble.

shouldifollow said...

You know you should get your hair into an Afro. You'd have no BAD hair days so no bad mornings (trust me i know, you don't even need to look into a mirror). Maybe getting an afro would turn you into a morning person. :)

mentalie said...

after all this time...air kissing??? tsk!

ps:i love mr.rice and his groany voice. ooh, yessss.

Anupama said...

I wish for the same most days Eve! I don't necessarily become Ms. Grumpy Pants though because normally the morning is ending when I wake up or my extra dose of endorphins starts kicking in, either one. But ugh...some mornings are just not meant for me...

Trust you're doing well in general?

Meghana Naidu said...

I have just way too much to say to you!

But for now,
its offical

I love you.

Eveline said...

@Kro: Haha.
This is the first time in a couple of months that I'm on vacation. And I woke up to my favourite song this morning. What a great way to start the day. Good luck on surviving today!

@shouldifollow: That would be hott with the extra t. :))

@mentalie: Apparently, not all's going as planned. I might have to find someone new to star in my fantasies..!!! :(

@Anupama: I'm good. Thanks for asking. We just gotta figure a way out of this morning crap.
I've taken the first step and took leave this week. So far, I've spent a lot of time on reading, picture taking and facebook. It's been great fun! :)

@Meghana Naidu: Haha. Awww...You're a keeper, for sure. :) Thank you!