December 11, 2009

Warning! Here Be Gushing!

I am so in love with the city lately. Sometimes I want to high five B’lore, and other times I want to roll my eyes and ignore it, but these past few days I wanted to kiss it, nice and sweet, open mouth but no tongue. Maybe a little tongue.

Company’s on a week long shutdown and word on the street is there’s going to be a party…Beer barrel and deep-fried chicken and boy oh boy, there are few things I like more than drinking with friends. Also: Mimi, a good friend of mine from Nagaland is coming down for the hols. OH MY GOD COULD WE POSSIBLY CRAM A FEW MORE AWESOME THINGS INTO ONE WEEK!! We might be taking a small trip too, and I fully expect there to be plenty of meat waiting for us all three meals, loud laughter scaring tourists away, and ye soft Christmas specials on the telly. God bless the Holidays.

So, I have a crush on this guy, and it must be pretty awful, because being around him converts me into a super mean eighteen year old. I don’t know what happens; I’m traditionally a sort of rude flirter, but this is way off the light.

I’ve noticed that I do this thing with people I like, where at first I fret that they don’t like me, and I really fixate over it for a moment before realizing, that I shouldn’t give myself away. And then it’s ignoring him whenever he passes me by or looks at me.

I think it arises from the urge to hide behind a wall whenever I see him coming, and if I can’t, I just say or do the meanest thing that pops into my head, in this case, the ignoring thing. The look that would probably say something as mean as – ‘Did your parents give you away when you were an infant because they didn’t want you?’

But oh man, apparently I do.

I like the classics, the over-played holiday favorites that, to me, symbolizes the Christmas spirit. While I'll take any of the famous crooners over some boy band rendition of a holiday favorite any day, this American Idol contestant belting out Christmas tunes shouldn't suck any of the holiday spirit out of Christmas. Granted, he sounds like a kid (cos well, he kinda is), there's an implied sweetness punctuating ever song. But still, good stuff.

And who doesn't like a little something new to shake up the ol’ tunes? I'm a big fan. The one I’ll be playing tonight is ‘Pat-A-Pan’ by David Archuleta, which sounds astoundingly cool.

I am wondering about the condition of the blogosphere these days. Is it quiet around here lately? I think it's the holidays and people are getting busy with the Christmas season and that’s why it seems a little dead here in the blog world. I know the number of visitors is down this week. Did I maybe do something to piss someone off? Do I smell?

To that end (comment whore that I am), leave a comment. Lurkers delurk. Commenters comment. Perhaps you have a question about something (anything). Ask. Need to tell me my ass looks good? Please do.

I'll be here...writing, calculating and noodling.

9 Pulses Say:

imcha said...

Good to see you cheering up after a lot of complains (at least from what I read from your recent posts..hehe )
I guess it's got to do with the Holiday season.


Love Archuleta. The innocence in his voice adds more magic to his Christmas album.

All the best to EC and hats off to a good year and all the silly posts. Loved them all. :)

PS. Next time you see your Crush, assuming that you are hiding behind the wall (whichever wall), surprise him with a jump and a "ho ho ho" and then turn your back towards him and ask him "*Kidang techimi junger sudi?/ Moi ass looks good?"


PS. And make sure you wear blue that day. Happy Hols EC.

agent green glass said...

i'm here. no rest for the wicked.

and on that thing you do when you
like someone, well, if its any help i come pretty close. only i don't ignore them. i just make snarky remarks and become a smart ass for no reason.

they of course never get it. and i want to kick myself, but my foot is already in my mouth, so that's rather difficult...and well, you get the drift i'm sure.

Anonymous said...

MIMI is coming??? WHAT???? Get outta here!!! :P... lol...

Am gonna do this anonymous thing but you know who it is.


saina said...

Dear pri,

yes your ass looks good :D happy now?

Eveline said...

@Imcha: I'm going to start carrying a wall with me at all times.
Thanks for the very risky and daring advice. But I loved it and ended up laughing out loud. Rock on, my Silly Rabbit! Merry Christmas. Muah!

@agent green glass: hahahaha! I do that foot-in-the-mouth thing too. Which is probably why it took me a year and a half to gather up the guts and finally get it with a certain someone.
I swear if I keep this up, I'm gonna be in detention or something. :D Thanks for writing in. Merry Christmas!

@Pete: *sigh* This is about me, Pete! Get with it! :P

@Saina: hahahahaha! YES! Completely. :D I just have the best friends in the world! =)

CK said...

1. Is it the same "crush" that you talk about EVERY time we speak? Or is it someone new?
2. You do smell.
3. I've got news which I shall share shortly.
4. You might not like said news. :P

Eveline said...

@CK: 1. No, someone new. Aren't you glad? =)
2. I'm glad to see we still have the rudeness well in hand. I appreciate your service, CK!
3 & 4. Does this piece of news have something to do with a certain noodle haired female?? and dear lord, just typing this is enough to make me hyperventilate. :(

CK said...

Someone new! Awesome. Finally. :)And no, it's not about any female.

Eveline said...

Oh, then will you spit it out already?