August 04, 2008


After a whirlwind weekend of movies, stay-overs and shopping- not to forget eating a five course meal (the first and probably the last feat I’ll ever attempt as my stomach is that of a 6 yr olds.) I’m back. It’s been a challenging but interesting day at work. For my colleagues reading this- I know it didn’t seem like I was having fun with all the loud sighing but now that I think about it- I’m happy that I actually made it through a complete 8 hr working day!

Friday was great. We had a terrific time. Ate a lot of junk food and laughed our asses off watching Shreyas pretend to be Spiderman. Saturday was even better. Did a lot of shopping and decided to visit my college since I was in the vicinity. Met my teachers and I was so happy to see them. In a conversation with one of them, I discovered that I, too, wasn’t the only one who felt differently about certain things. Perhaps there's something about specific thoughts that draw people, who share it, together. I'll skip over the details of how my teacher and me found each other in a class of over 120 students; suffice to say that after a couple of classes and repeated trips to Coffee Day I found a hardy soul and my mentor for life. One of the few people I know, intimately enough, to speak my heart out.
No, we didn’t party on Saturday as planned. It was clear to me that the guys weren’t excited about going to the club as I was- a fact that bamboozled me. I got home sulking but not for long as my little niece was waiting at home to give me a sloppy little kiss. I watched ‘Mummy 3’. Instantly I realized that this whole movie thing had been a big mistake. My friends agreed that it had been the worst action movie of the century.
Yesterday was a Friendship Day lunch special at the Orange Peel. From the instant I walked in, I felt like it was the best friendship day ever. Within moments I was leaning all over people, hugging them and generally being all friendly, laughing out loud and smiling at the singer. I swear she was checking me out and I thought the nice thing to do would be to smile back. It felt like home and the music happened to be just right. The most pleasant elements in all this were the 1 litre beer mug and the five-course meal. The food was delicious, as I expected it would be, given that the host is a professional chef. I started off with the most delectable chicken rolls that melted as soon as they touched your tongue. The second course was a non-veg platter, the third, a shrimp salad, the fourth, lamb doused in mint sauce and the last course, was an excellently created dessert made of chocolate- and that my dear friends, is a magical substance that can work all manner of wonders. I will give more details within the next few days. For the moment, I’ll just say that of all the times I've had brunch with friends this has been the most enjoyable by far.
I wanted to write about my new love, but my stomach is growling and I need to get me some food. So this track will have to do for now. If you are as crazy about him as I am, then do let me know. Comment.

Jeff Buckley ‘Last Goodbye’

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Anonymous said...

Came here from Abhishek's blog..... hoping this could be an art blog( your posts must be good... just that I dont read much!)
Anyways, was just about to go when I found Jeff Buckley..... and I HAD to comment!
I don't listen to music much... but this guy's 'Hallelujah' made me read all about him and get as many numbers of his as I could. But the phrase 'only the good die young' became evident!..... and no wonder, not many music aficionados that I have come across have even heard of him!

Anonymous said...

Do read my recent post...i've written more about him. Most people who listen to his version of 'Hallelujah' think that he originally sang it cos he has the art of making any song sound so naturally his. It's a pity such a talent died so young. Glad you stopped bye. Tc.