August 05, 2008

Bluesy Tuesday

Today was just OKAY. Apologies for the moody-me everyone, sometimes life just gets in the way. True to form, I was not able to get through a day at work without acting stupid at least once.

I love this picture of CK at Orange Peel with the 1 litre mug of beer.

And now it’s time for some random facts about me! So here goes:

  • I have a secret love of reading fashion magazines and imagining myself in like an Oscar de la Renta creation.
  • I have a habit of buying clothes and then never getting round to wearing them.
  • I am obsessed with my pink mobile. Yeah, you heard that. It’s PINK!! CK calls it ‘the Paris Hilton phone’. Others have called it the ‘transformer phone’. I only bought it in that colour because it stood out.

The sofa and TV are calling to me, so that’s where I’m heading to in awhile. I just wanted to let you know that….. I’m in love.

It’s official.

The signs have been there for a couple of days now - lack of appetite, daydreaming about my affection, sweaty palms, racing heartbeat…

And now the object of my desire is in my possession.

It was Wednesday, July 31st, in an act of unabashed conformity; I fell in love with Jeff Buckley much after the rest of the world had fallen in love with him. ‘Grace’ was the first Buckley song I ever heard. And let me tell you folks that one song is enough to give you a permit to lust after Buckley. I couldn’t get this musician’s haunting voice off my mind. His voice personified soul, joy, being and pain. So when I read that Jeff Buckley had drowned at the age of thirty just as his fame was rising, you can only imagine my astonishment. What I’m happy about is that I did discovered Jeff Buckley on my own and like a bazillion others, I thought “Grace” was written for me and only me. Maybe not, but it's still one of the best songs I’ve ever heard. His music seems so steady and flawless and I’m sure I’m not the only one who supremely admires Jeff Buckley and categorizes ‘Grace’ as one of the greatest songs ever created. If you’re only going to listen to one track today this should be your choice. This single takes music to a new level. The layers in this song are brilliantly well done.

Well another month has come and gone. Another thirty or so odd days will bring to my attention enough new tracks to write about and complement my personal life. For those of you who are new here- Every week I write about one new band, unheard of by many. Sometimes it’s just about artists that have been undiscovered by me.

That is all kids. I’ll make sure to upload and write about some new tracks for your listening pleasure. Enjoy the music and tell your friends.

3 Pulses Say:

Anonymous said...

Hi,…. Thanks for dropping by…. your comment just made my day!

Your post did bring back similar memories when I first got to know about Jeff Buckley. There’s something in his voice… or the way he sings….. can’t really pinpoint…. but enough to draw you to listen to him more. When I first heard his version of hallelujah, I immediately knew, this is different from rufus wainwright’s or leonard’s version. Jeff’s version actually made me listen to it on loop for quite sometime!. And trust me… not only me and you and many others…. music critics all over the world admit, Jeff’s version is the best one… or rather sung in the best way possible!
Great to know someone who shares similar craze about his music. It’s a pity he died so young.

And since you write about music in your blog…. a bit obscure ones at that, you could check out the following songs. (if you haven’t already!)
They are not great songs…. not many people like these…. but I enjoy listening to these over a lot of popular ones.

‘Last good day of the year’ by Cousteau
“Flowers on the Wall’ by Statler Brothers (heard this before Tarantino made this famous!)

and almost anything by Kings of Convenience.

TC…. will come back for some new music ideas!

Anonymous said...

It was almost like he was way ahead of the game vocally, lyrically and musically. There are very few artists who can touch your soul just by the rise and fall of their voice.He's one of them.I don't know why I have such a passion for his music. Maybe it's because he will always be a mystery.

P:S- I'll make sure to look up the bands you recommended. Thanks.

Much love and it's always great to talk to a Jeff Buckley fan.

Anonymous said...

Ummm, Jeff Buckley is finally in your possession? :-|