August 06, 2008

Wednesday's with Mister Buckley

I seem to have been infected with a bit of gloominess. I’ve been very stressed and grumpy at work lately. Today, I found myself snapping back at a colleague when he tried to have a little harmless fun at my expense. So, am I ill? Do I need to go the doctor? Or am I just getting grave in my old age? Oh, and I also wanted to publicly announce that after that post on my late friend Dan, his sister contacted me and we spoke about good old times. It felt great to finally talk things out. Before I fill you in on any more details I’ve decided to have a disclaimer for my blog. So here it is:

Whatever has been written on this blog is purely of my own opinion. I do not write with the intention of causing anyone offense (maybe annoyance). Reader’s views will be taken into consideration if they contain humour or praise. However, if the reader’s comments don’t make me happy then I have the right to not publish it or reply to it.

It is extremely important that you realize never to think that I am an authority on any subject. If you do require advice on matters other than music then see your shrink or lawyer or mother.

I have the right to write in my state of madness and claim to be in love and then say I’m not (unless, I mention ‘official’ next to it. Which means that I really am in love with Jeff Buckley. I’m not taking that back.)

I’m an experienced screw-up so I have the right to, well, screw up.

If you find the content of this blog too baffling or unfathomable, foolish or senseless, outrageous or outlandish, bizarre or peculiar then just pass on by. While the real me would advise you to do something much more interesting I’m sure you’ll prefer my first suggestion.

Another cool song by Jeff Buckley I recently discovered was ‘Lover you Should’ve Come Over’. I’ve heard Jaime Cullum cover this one. The track has been stuck in my head all day. I’m going to upload it here so y’all can have a listen. This just makes me want to keep on my toes for whatever music of his I can find. Stay tuned folks.

3 Pulses Say:

Anonymous said...

Wanted to say this earlier, but the picture in this post really brings it out -- doesn't he look like Jim Morrison in this one? Put a few locks of longer hair around the face.

Anonymous said...

True... he does. The first time i saw a picture of him he did remind me of Jim Morrison but he does look a lot like James Franco.

Anonymous said...

Either which way, he's (well, was) one good-looking SOB... I think girls have an added fascination for dead people though. Those that died early, I mean.