August 28, 2008

Mr. Flirt

Yesterday, on my way back from work, my driver stopped at different places on our usual route so that I could take some pictures. Too bad I didn’t have my camera with me then but I’m sure glad my mobile’s camera is quite nice. And now I'm going to inflict these photographs on you.

Fear not! you won’t be subjected to all of them; just a couple.

A few weeks ago, I had mentioned that I might soon have an exciting piece of news to share.

I do.

So, I’ve been spending my every waking moment on this new friend who I’ll call Mr. Flirt. Mr. Flirt and I message each other every other minute and call each other at least twice a day. So far, our little friendship is going a little too well. Yesterday, I wanted to surprise Mr. Flirt so I called him. He asked me why I had called. You’d think it was a stupid question to ask but by now I’m used to all his weird questions. So this is from a conversation we had:

Evuhleen: I just called. Do I need a reason?
Mr. Flirt: Yes
Evuhleen: uh….
Mr. Flirt: You missed me, didn’t ya? Say it.
Evuhleen: Don’t flatter yourself
Mr. Flirt: You just wanted to hear my voice- is that what you wanted to say?
Evuhleen: (And as Ck always calls it- ‘my lame comeback’) whatever!

I didn’t quite know how to feel about this. I refuse to be bullied by him but it felt pretty fabulous. God! I’m infactuated with Mr. Flirt. Actually, that's not true. I’ll just go now, throw some water on my face and maybe I’ll feel differently.

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