August 13, 2008

I’m hoping I never find it necessary to ever cook in my life. I realize that such a wish would be frowned upon by the many individuals who read this blog but I really hate cooking. Sometimes fights with mom call for Maggie noodles and that I can deal with.

Once upon a time I used to be quite passionate about cooking but the event that changed it all was when I went to visit my dad in Dubai. He was at work and I was all excited about cooking up something special. So, instead of ordering from a restaurant I decided to play chef. A brief search of the kitchen revealed just the ingredients I needed to make some rice and chicken curry.
I opened up the packet of Chicken curry masala and followed the directions given on it. I suppose I used more than I was supposed to because I really wanted the flavor to stick out. I prepared the rice by calling mom who was back home in India. She didn’t have the patience so she ran through the entire thing in a hurry and hung up. I had a couple of distractions in between but I thought the food looked as it was supposed to.

My dad came back, I set the table and then we sat down to eat. He picked up his fork and took a bite. He was not one of those fathers who would tell their daughters it was nice when it wasn’t just to make them happy. I’ve never seen my father move at such speed the way he did that day, to the sink to spit out my hard work. Then he spent the longest time trying to rid his mouth of the taste of the food after which he told me, ‘You never have to cook as long as you stay with me.’ And from that day on cooking began to frighten me. The damage to my psyche is colossal and it would take a shrink a year or two to help me over it.

I received a call today from an old friend who works as an airhostess. She dutifully calls me every month just to make sure I’m not getting myself into trouble. And while she has been absent for many of my failures I thank her for having lots of faith in me and spending all that money on calls to make sure we stay great friends. I remember I cried on and off for the whole day when she left to Doha.

I don’t normally address political issues here because thinking about it gets me so angry and depressed but I just have to say that I don’t get Indian politics and it’s obsession to include everything religious. Corrupt politicians have managed to twist religion so thoroughly to their own ends that they’ve reduced God to a tool to help them get and maintain power. How can I vote for anyone when I don’t believe a word coming out of their mouths?

After I’m done posting this I intend to execute my scheme to take over the world. If you aren’t with me, you're against me.

Now, for something fun. The Doobie Brothers… weren’t they an awesome band?

The guitars are crisp and it’s one of the best tracks out of this band. Also, the instruments explode in this song. The arrangements and the layers sound great. The song accomplishes what it sets out to do and wraps up without any loose ends. ‘Long Train Running’ is a track definitely worth checking out and if you’re looking for something to put you in a good mood then this song comes highly recommended.

To Pratiksha.

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