March 15, 2011

Good news, everyone

Since the last time I updated, I got married. Twice! I liked it so much. I might just do it again.

We had an outdoor wedding. The place had been decorated by a friend’s mom and was very pretty, all lace and flowers and nice lighting, and it was fun to see all my friends and family waiting for me to walk down the aisle. So our real wedding, the day we’ll count as our anniversary, was Saturday the 5th of Feb. But our wedding day – March 5th - this date was chosen mostly due to the fact that we wanted to get married on the first weekend of March and also, because we wanted to live with each other as soon as possible and start our married lives. I think I was remarkably chill about letting my dad dictate my order of events for the wedding, because it didn’t seem like that big a deal.

Pic credit: Cynthia Sapna

Pic credit: Cynthia Sapna

Pic credit: Cynthia Sapna

Pic credit: Cynthia Sapna

The Frenchman’s background infused with mine brought for quite a fun event, with my best friend’s boyfriend, Tony playing Tommy Emmanuel’s ‘Angelina’ as I walked down the aisle, guests were seated at dinner tables and we had dancing….the wedding décor was gorgeous, flanked with the wedding theme – off white and chocolate brown!! Amazing and fun!

Pic Credit: Peter Christopher

Pic Credit: Remy Denis
The walk down the aisle was probably one of my favorite parts of the day and my life in general and the most nerve wrecking. Dad held me close down the aisle and when I looked up, there he was, my most lovable person in the world, staring back at me, he in his stunning black suit and tapered shoes. It was like one of those old movies set by a countryside. I have never loved B’lore more.

The ceremony was perfect. A good way to cry is to stand in the presence of everyone you hold close and have the person you love most in the world promise nice things to you.

Then we kissed, everyone cheered and asked us to kiss again. And then after standing for a few pictures we walked to a friend’s car, had a couple of drinks and say to each other OH MY GOD WE DID IT.

Pic Credit: Remy Denis

The only thing lacking was the fact that a few people we love who were out of the country could not make it on such short notice.

So now I’m in my new home finally getting down to blogging while my husband plays the piano. I wanted to write all of this down and share it with the internet, because the internet is really, really great when you have happy news. Thank you, internet! I hope you all have a great week.

This song was played while I walked down the aisle. Granted, this song isn’t typical wedding fodder, but it’s an amazing track. It also fit the mood of music that is both interesting and captivating while also being of a similar aural aesthetic.

Enjoy the music. I know I did. One of the greatest comments I received at my wedding was a repeated phrase, “That song you walked down the aisle to, was really good.” It gave an already amazing day an even more special shine.

7 Pulses Say:

Reine de mots said...

Congrats Eve! I am sooooo happy for you! You were one person who thought very little of love till it happened to you. Have a blessed wedded life together! :D

Ch4 said...

Congratulations! Lovely wedding decor and fabulous track to walk down the aisle!

Tamanna said...

Congratulations! What a beautiful wedding! :)

TheZenThing said...
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BrownPhantom said...

Congratulations Eve !!
I must say, that was quick :D.

Eveline said...

@Reine de mots: Funny right? It's a cliché but you really do just KNOW when it's right. It's as if the world shimmies a bit, does a little 'clunk' and falls properly into place. You know, like reseating the engine of a 1976 Mini after you've aligned the camshaft with the...

...sorry, where was I?

Oh, yes. You just KNOW :) And thank you!

@Ch4: much love back, thank you so much! And yes, the wedding was just perfect.

@Tamanna: thank you very much. It was my older sister. She was the mastermind behind this whole showdown.

@BrownPhantom: Thanks. Not too mushy for a Saturday night. I remember thinking that i wasn't cut out for marriage and then being all; "OH this is why someone would want to be with someone else and ONLY them. I get it now." So i just had to dive in. I'm glad he agreed too. :))

Choco said...

Congratulations Eveline! And God Bless. :)