February 15, 2011

Dear Perfectly Lonely Life,

I won’t argue, there are times I think I will miss you. We had a good run together these last 27 years. The embarrassing dates, the chase, the all-girls weekends and the comedy as well as the tragedy of it all. Oh, how I loved the drama. I dated the excitement, hankered after it, and persuaded myself I had feelings for it too. Perfectly Lonely Life, you helped me gain an education, start a career, get out of my comfort zone and travel. I am not sure I would have done any of those things without years of practice on my own. Without you I would never have been brave enough to do things on my own, crossing over - ‘attraversiamo’ and wanting my appetite for life back, which all led to finding my husband.

Mostly I am grateful, for the years that shaped me. For the experiences I have had that brought me to where I am now. This place where I start a brand new quest. The biggest quest of my life: Marriage.

It will be tough. I know it will be. It will be difficult. But I am all set for it, because Perfect Lonely Life NOW it is Me and The Frenchman vs. the WORLD! We are geared up for whatever you have for us. This new life, this married life will also be astounding, amusing, thrilling, blissful, tender and worth it.

So I will miss you, for a while and then I will snort at all the experiences because Perfect Lonely life I am ready to move on.

Couple life, why hello! I am excited to see the relationship we will have, how we settle in and transform and mature.

So for now, here are a few pictures of our court wedding

♥ Perfectly Lonely No More
AKA Mrs. Perot

Well this is what it feels like to post on EC. It’s been so long I was concerned I would lose my usual panache. Worry not. I have been busy. Busy with planning a wedding ceremony which is exactly 17 days from now. Fortunately, I find myself with a free evening. And as we transition into summer I only thought it appropriate to post this track as I sip on an iced drink.

Louis Armstrong - La Vien Rose

4 Pulses Say:

Choco said...

Awww...My God! :)
I am so pleasantly surprised and happy.
Congratulations Eveline and her Frenchman! May your love grow and deepen in the years to come! Best Wishes and God Bless. :)

illusionaire said...


Ohhhhh no more single lonely life... As I keep saying everywhere, I am so happy for you! But I hope you will come back to blogging soon!

And looking forward to lots and lotsa wedding preparation pics... Im surprised I dont see that many updates on your FB profile either! Comon Eve, share the good stuff with us :)

Added your fiancé on FB by the way :)

Reine de mots said...

Congrats! Really happy for you Pris :)

Eveline said...

@Choco: thank you so much - much appreciated xx
Will resume blog reading very soon and catch up on your writing.

@illusionaire: we seriously cannot thank you enough for your wishes and love, it means so much to us. Really. Wish you could've been there on our big day.

@Reine de mots: Thank you so much! So kind! :)