November 29, 2010

The Frenchman: Part II

Of course my first impulse when I heard him say, ‘My girlfriend is so pretty’, I wanted to sprout wings and fly to the moon. I'm sure only a minute or two went by, but it sure as hell felt like I remained mute for the length of conversation.

It turns out that the days following our first date were full of extraordinary moments of honesty and letting people in and fear and facing your emotions and telling other people what you really think. None of these things has ever been my forte. But it has been wonderful.

To detail the actual feelings would be too heavy for even the most devoted readers, and, besides, they're more or less contained in the narrative of this blog. So I'll sum up: significant, marvelous, affectionate, all mixed up together.

I'm excited and nervous and terrified and full of hope and doubt. I wish there were a way on the computer to dot the "i"s in "likes" with hearts.

And with that, you're all current. So far, this story has no ending.

It's just to be continued.

10 Pulses Say:

agent green glass said...

if this were facebook, i would be clicking like many times :) eve, u deserve it. enjoy the love.

Anupama said...

Hey Eve!!

I hope you know how extremely happy I am for you! Congratulations sweety :) Would love to wish you in person with a big hug...lemme know when you're free? A tete-a-tete is long overdue...


Anupama said...

Oooh and yes, how could I forget the music! This one was a brilliant rendition!

Choco said...

Agg's comment has me wistful. Now I want to click too. Super Duper Like!!!
Njoy girl and keep us posted :)

Unknown said...

:) I get you.

Now enjoy that beautiful feeling. My well wishes for you both :)

(where's the pics!!)

Runa said...

Priscilla! Stop snogging and start blogging!:)

iAmCha said...

congratulations moi friend.

love & wishes from the Hills.

Eveline said...

@agent green glass: Thank you love. If only my lazy head would get off it's ass and write something comparably sparky and wonderful.

@Anupama: Thank you Anupama. So much for my search for love. Now it would be interesting to write about how I handle having found it. :D
Also, thanks for enjoying the music. Yes, our meeting is way overdue. :)Soon, hopefully.

@Choco: Thank you girl. XXOO to you. Being in love is good. Being in love with a nice, smart, sweet, and handsome man is even better. So it's nice to have some luck.

@Shadowthorne: Thank you! It is lovely thus far! And I thought I did one better by posting a vid. Guess, my next post, will have that picture.

@Runa: Aww.. :) I do wish I get where you are right now someday. He's a keeper. :)) And, aye aye captain, a post coming up! :)

@Imchaba: :)) My Silly Rabbit. Thank you! Yes, I'm all growing up... :))

Ch4 said...

When a guy tells other guys his girlfriend is beautiful, he's definitely into you!!

Eveline said...

Awww... thank you! :)