September 20, 2010

Another One Down

As with most weekends, this one was just way too short. I could have used an extra day and, perhaps, a little more sleep. I did, however, get some stuff done this weekend, including a little day in the life photo set on Saturday.

Aside from the collected photographic substantiation, the weekend played out the way most do. Even though this one had some extra-added bonus live music. On Saturday night, I attended this concert:

It featured a friend on vocals as well as the soon-to-be newlyweds - my best friend, Runa on the paino and her fiancé Tony on the guitars. There was a great deal of screaming going on at around the same time.

So that's it. Another weekend down. These weeks, and months, seem to be passing a little too quickly for my comfort. Anyone know how to slow the world down a bit?

I'm not sure if it's a sign of basic delight or lunacy, but I characteristically wake up with a song running through my head. It moves around my brain until it finds a way through my lips in a hum or whistle and it generally fastens itself to me most of the day. As you can imagine, this can be a good thing or a nuisance. Here's the track list for the past week or so.

Favourite Things (Pomplamoose)
La Vien Rose (Pomplamoose)
Mister Sandman (Pomplamoose)
Nature Boy (Pomplamoose)
September (Pomplamoose)
Single Ladies (Pomplamoose)
Always In the Season (Pomplamoose)
Be Still (Pomplamoose)
Centrifuge (Pomplamoose)
Mrs. Robinson (Pomplamoose)
Twice As Nice (Pomplamoose)
If You Think Need Some Lovin’ (Pomplamoose)
You’re So Gay (Katy Perry)

A few questions. First, do you sense a theme? Second, when my brain finally decided to break the cycle of Pomplamoose, why the fuck did it go with lame pop girl Katy Perry? That ain't right.

As much as I'd love to hate Pomplamoose- Jack Conte and Nataly Dawn - I really can't. Seriously, I'd love an excuse. But they're pretty awesome. The tunes are quite clever, the songs are infectious and I love them with a fiery passion that burns with the strength of a thousand suns. But I am positive - absolutely convinced beyond any doubt whatsoever - that the geniuses behind this band have somehow injected it with the mental, audio equivalent of crack. How else could you explain the unconscious force that wakes me up with their songs in my head? Were I to be kept away from the music of Pomplamoose, I know I would first experience the shakes, enter a violently convulsive state and end up chopping up my music devices, snorting it and praising the gods of rock. And I'm fine with that. But god forbid I wake up singing Katy Perry again.

What kind of crap is stuck in your head?

Oh, and I turn 27 in 3 days, and I don’t know what to expect.

Pomplamoose – If You Think Need Some Lovin’

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