July 16, 2010

You'll be pleased to know that a day has passed without illness...and there’s some considerable amount of excitement happening too! Sadly, the night wasn't quite as torture-free - I experienced something of a relapse yesterday. But I’m back to feeling better now. All of it focused around the concert of my favourite band tonight.
If I hadn't mentioned it, I've been taking the week light. So, posting will be slightly scanty. Okay, okay...I'll probably be motivated by my insane need to entertain and I'll post every other day but just don't expect sharp wit or dazzling social observations. I'm giving my mind some time to cool.

Soulmate — Legendary Blues and Soul band from Shillong and recently awarded Rolling Stones’ Female Vocalist of the Year winner TIPRITI 'TIPS' KHARBANGAR and Guitarist of the Year RUDY WALLANG will perform tonight at 8 pm, Friday, July 16 at the B-Flat Lounge, 100 ft Rd, B’lore. Tickets are priced at 300.

I actually stumbled upon this single track by The Octopus Project the other day.

While I’m being a giant nerd, combing the internet for interesting news, or working I sometimes have a bit of liberty to listen to music. And then, at other times, all of those activities collide and I find a track like this that simply must be passed on. Enjoy.

The Octopus Project - The Adjustor

4 Pulses Say:

imcha said...

Awaiting the review of the concert. :)

I don't usually like using the word Legendary. But I think Soulmate is!

Choco said...

Do take care along with lots of fluid intake and rest...And fulfill all your inane needs to entertain. :)

Am listening to the track...I think I like it!

ku2 said...

Hey, sickness cant hold you down, eh? Me likes :D
Havent listened to Soulmate, which makes me feel slightly ashamed cos I lived in Shillong for three and a half years. Rudy Wallang rocks, though. Yeah he does
Hope you get better soon.

Eveline said...

@Imcha: Sorry. Been such a busy week for me. Dont know if I'll write a review on their concert. Right now I'm just glad I came out standing. Thanks for writing in. :)

@Choco: Thank you for the comment! I'm so much better now and getting back to my normal routine. Glad you liked the track. Been listening to Octopus Project all week. :)

@Ku2: Rudy Wallang playing. Totally surreal. Love the guy.
Well, I'm squared away and feel a 100% great. Thanks.