July 05, 2010

The Witch Of…. What?

My blog is not just a music blog. It's about me. I'm self-absorbed like that but then, I created this space and I write it. I've always loved and been interested in fashion. Dressing up well is a part of me, this site is about me, therefore, on occasions, like this one for instance, I may write about fashion accessories. If you've tuned in for any amount of time, you know where I'm coming from. It shouldn't be shocking. I've never hidden my fiery propensity towards pretty things.

People like me aren't usually confident in the standard type of jewelry neither something too flashy, but these rings seem like something everyone can get behind.

If you are fond of modern chic and well, crazy about music this is something you would like. It looks quite comfortable to wear and for stylista’s and fashionista’s, I guess nothing matters but how you carry your style.

Sakura Koshimizu, the designer of these waveform rings, takes a custom-made soundtrack and laser cuts the waveform out on the silver band. And you can get anything recorded, given it's short enough to fit on the band.

This is something I’d totally want to wear when compared to something classic or conventional. I’m going to be adding this to my wishlist today!

This weekend found me in new slacks (I'm sorry but when I use the word slacks I feel about 65 years old) in bed watching a show called ‘Leverage’. (God damn, I’m exciting.) My bro-in-law returned from a business trip. And I do love hot guys and alcohol. So we blew off going out, caught the football matches and reveled in the Deutsch goodness (I say that with a truckload of sarcasm because honestly, I switched loyalty last minute and watched Argentina blow it. Serves me right, eh? Then I just stayed in bed finishing off the remaining seasons of ‘Leverage’. (You're totally, edge-of-your seat spellbound at this point, aren't you?). Spent the rest of the weekend cleaning up my room, bringing out the quilts and thicker bedspreads in anticipation of the cold. Then? Takeout for dinner.

You so want to hang out with me now don't you?

The cast of GLEE puts their best foot forward. And by best foot forward I mean they clearly draw from some legendary acts in creating their sound. There are covers of Madonna, KISS, Journey, Van Halen, U2, Heart, and Phil Collins that were peppered throughout this entire show.
One track came to mind while I was writing this post, and maybe not for any true musical parallels. The track is a cover of the most famous P-Funk songs by Funk band – Parliament - put out by the GLEE cast. I feel as if this was a gem sprinkled amongst a largely forgettable genre. Finally, with the release of this number, both the genre and the show seem to have lived up to their potential.

6 Pulses Say:

agent green glass said...

eve, this is why i like you. glee is fantastic. the track is even better. and the ring is so mind blowing.

it would be so worth getting it for A. he wld totally love it. think I'm going to figure a way to do that. thank you eve :)

ku2 said...

you....switched...loyalties.... *fume fume* But the Argies were thrashed blue and white yayyyy *grin grin*

And those rings are on me wishlist too. And I asked my sis to download the entire episode cos her internet's faster and her husband thought it was "pansy-ish" and deleted it :((
I told my sis to start divorce proceedings :)

Lynzy said...

GLEE<3 Just stumbled upon your blog! Lovin' it!

Visit me sometime!

xo Lynzy

Choco said...

I can't listen to the track...My firefox addons are disabled (damn) due to a possible virus scenario in my browser...
Haven't really been able to watch Glee...I am feeling bad about it now. :(...But those rings are super cool!
And yea. The blog always has to reflect who the blogger is...And yours really speaks volumes...A nice honest post this...:)

Shadowthorne @ Ramzu Zahini said...

That's one fantastic ring. But if it was silver, I will wear it rarely because of unwanted scratching. Silver tarnishes quickly on me anyway :(

I love Glee!! :P

Eveline said...

@agent green glass: I'm so looking forward to the new season of Glee. I've got the first episode saved on my laptop for anytime I need that special dose of Journey.
Definitely the best new show on television!
The idea of the Waveform series of rings is absolutely ingenious if you have a significant other who's a music freak. Good luck if you plan on getting it.

@Ku2: Yes, yes. I know I changed sides. But Argentina showed up looking so confident, relaxed and lethal, flattening four tough opponents. I was floored. And then they lost. :(
After that my motto for the finals has been: Anyone but Germany! Sorry. :P
You must, MUST, get your hands on GLEE. Finally TV offer some real entertainment!

@Lynzy: Yeah, me too. Just watched finished the first season and can't wait to see where the series goes.

@Choco: Thank you. That's very kind of you. Try Google Chrome. Works just fine for me. You can try catching GLEE on TV as well.

@Shadowthorne @ Ramzu Zahini: Supposedly it's also available in palladium, platinum, 18K white/yellow gold, and silver.
Platinum shouldn't tarnish very easily. ;)
Just let me say: GLEE (yay!) for the record. :D