May 04, 2010

I'm bushed! It was a busy weekend. Here's the 411.

Weekend Movie: We went to see ‘How to Train Your Dragon’, the new DreamWorks Animation movie, which I can't recommend highly enough.
At a particularly moving moment in the movie, I started crying. (Don't laugh. It was a terrific movie. I would quote some of it but I don't want to ruin it for those of you who haven't seen it.)

Weekend Food & Books: Luckily for me my friends love food as much as I do. So we got to head over to a restaurant called ‘Hong Kong Hustle’ on Church Street for greasy Chinese food and then to the bookstore where I got myself ‘The Encyclopedia of Mythology’ by Arthur Cotterell and… I also managed to score a nice version of ‘500 Comicbook Villains’ by Mike Conroy. And holy cats, is this thing beautiful. This paperback by genius annotator exhaustively details the villains who have prowled the pages of comic books from 1934 to the present day. Just to give you an idea of what I’m talking about, here’s a page–chosen at random:

Dancing: Was invited to go dancing by a couple of friends to a club called ‘Ice’. Results were mixed. I was thrilled to be there but I could have done without the crowded sweaty people who kept bumping into me every five seconds. For ninety-fucking minutes, I shit you not. It was mind-numbing.

My Online Date: Over the weekend I met an awfully fascinating person. But due to the issue of distance we had to settle for an online rendezvous. Yes, that’s taking dating to an all-time low. But I think I might like him. And I love it when people who are smart and funny and handsome online turn out to be smart and funny and handsome in person.

My good friend Abhi is an amazing artist. Whenever he shows me portions of his work, I can’t stop myself from saying things out loud, because I can’t help being like, “I think your stuff is the best” or “Look at the use of color here!" and then want to shoot myself because I remember that's exactly what Leonardo DiCaprio said in Titanic. I’m sorry, but his stuff really is the best. His graphic novel will be published very soon and I’d want to spend an eternity in that book and never come out until the pages begin to melt.

You, of course, might want to view his work here.

Ok, enough of my blathering on and on. Now that you’re home from college or work let’s think of something constructive we can do with our Tuesday evening.

Here’s ‘Ana’s Song’ by Silverchair because I feel like this could easily be the background music to an after work special. The type of work special that would feature copious amounts of high fives and thumbs ups. Hope this week is bearable on whatever location you’re currently residing. Cheers, and come back often.

4 Pulses Say:

Kro said...

whats a 4-1-1?

man, this post makes me miss bangalore!

ku2 said...

Poison Ivy always looks so hot, bursting out of her..leotards(?),with those coils of leaves in strategic places.
And it embarrasses me,but these animated movies always make me cry, like that intrepid, lonely old man in "Up", and Wall-e, and Shrek and...

Eveline said...

@Kro: 411 - Information on something, usually a person or event. :)
I'm sorry this post made you sad. Well, maybe you should make a trip to our fair city soon. :)

@Ku2: haha.. i know. Doesn't she? This is one of those awesome books for comic lovers where there’s so much great stuff that, even with my almost completely arbitrary standards, it’s almost impossible to pick something to call the best.
And in most situations where I’m involved in judging the quality of something, this is pretty much going to come out on top.
Yup, I cried for all the above movies. Man, I'm such a sucker for tears. :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Eveline,

Can't highly recommend? But crying?Hehe.

Online Rendezvous? Wink.

I remember seldom sneaking up this intriguing book store in church Street. Its been so many years. Even forgot the name. Could be the same store from where u got this copy?

Hey,I have almost finished watching the entire Filmography from the Ghibli Studios. You MUST watch few movies by this amazing Studios from Japan. The best anime in the World! I should recommend to "ku2" as well.

This Abhi is Amazing. Besides his dexterous hands and imagination, I so envy and admire his philosophy and dedication to his work. It's not just the perfect execution of color or technique, he WILL have this new generation rekindle one's roots, mythologies and endless stories.

*Licks Paws*

Yours Truly,