March 14, 2010

I've been hearing friends telling me that they’re going to get hitched. My best friend, Runa being one of them. It's been a very cool experience watching these people in relationships and now finally seeing them getting married. Seeing the setbacks are humbling because it's never that easy making up your mind to settle down; but seeing them downright happy is a great feeling.

It's exciting but at the same time, a little sad. Everyone's growing up, including me. It's weird. You dream about it as a kid, living it up with some Prince Charming for the rest of your life. It's harder than it looks, and when you reach that point you think, "Wait, what? When did I become a grown-up?" It's a wake up call: you're not an adolescent anymore. You have the C-word. Compromise.

I'll always be a kid at heart though. Heck, I still laugh at "huffle puff" and will always do "That's what she said." But getting married... you can't help being more serious and a little less fun. Except I tell myself, ‘you just live it up. Embrace it and keep on laughing’.

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I think cinnamon rolls are a hidden treasure. They're my favorite. What's yours?

Off the fourth album by Lifehouse, Who We Are – ‘Come Back Down’ is quite simply a brilliant single. Other than that very serious statement (one which I have contemplated over for the past) I cannot figure out what else precisely confines the mood of this song. I’m struggling with how best to summarize a track that is beautiful, affecting, and dazzling throughout quite literally every single note. It’s a single so good, so undeniable; it forces me to go back to my old ways of literally forcing everyone I know to listen to it from start to finish. It’s a single that is so well created that I’ve listened to it now about twenty times.

For reference the following statements say nothing about the actual sound of the band, the type of music they produce, but it’s the easiest way for me to explain how. It’s well crafted and worth listening to, the song is infused with magnificent lyrics and it’s so epic and so moving you’re required to start it over again and again and again.

4 Pulses Say:

ku2 said...

"You don't have to tell me what you're feeling,
I know what you're going through
I won't be the one that lets go of you"

Another awesome song :)

And more offerings from your latest plaything, please

BrownPhantom said...

I know. Nobody told me that even if I don't age, those around me will .
Marriage does look serious business, especially when I see my friend in a "Before and After" mode :).

And thanks for the music :)

illusionaire said...

Feeling your biological clock ticking, do ya? I can fix that for ya ;) Yeah sometimes its a bit downer seeing everything pass by in front of our eyes before we exclaim... "damn, Im that old?" But thats life. So, live young, party hard, and be 18 till you die. Wooohoooo! :D

Eveline said...

@Ku2: One of the few bands whose songs I listen to a lot, and most importantly, remember the lyrics to, and have no trouble remembering the song titles either.

Will upload more pics to get you guys in on the excitement. :)

@BrownPhantom: I have a sticker that reads "When I grow up I wanna be like me." For me, it's always been a bit of a reminder that it's okay to be silly and childish and fun. I really hope I never grow out of that. Thanks for the comment. And more Lifehouse coming your way. :)

@illusionaire: lol! Kima. Of course, i'll definitely send you my number and a plane ticket next time the urge overpowers me. :D
Sometimes you have to go against the grain & cut loose or you'll go insane. I make it a habit to go against the grain on a regular basis...and I think I'm all the happier for it.