June 01, 2009

Food and Music

Yesterday, I went to F&B (Friends and Bacchus) on St. Mark’s Road with the music maestro, Tony, Runa and Ruan. I’m so glad my friends know where to eat and I get to partake in all the amazing food places they take me to. I’m wondering how much weight I’ve gained so far.

There were prawns, lamb, chicken, fish, pasta, steak poivre, bread pudding, caramel pudding, rum soaked chocolate cake, and chocolate mousse. So much delicious food that I could eat, now that I’m over the food-poisoning. I’m an awfully selective eater, but I greedily devoured everything that came across my plate (aside from one type of dessert, and skewed chicken). I’m not sure if it’s because the food is fresh, cooked well, or because I can’t cook food this well myself and have been without for a long time, but everything at F&B tastes so good. And these aren’t photos of all the food I ate. This is the reason why I love going out with Runa and Ruan, who are gourmands beyond me. And because they love trying new things, especially food related. Over the course of a few years we’ve been to many great little places such as this and in return I get a memorable meal and some great photos.

I think I’ve really developed as a photographer in the little time I’ve owned my first SLR camera. Looking back on a year of photos has made me realize that I’ve learned a lot, not only simple photography, but knowledge of my camera. I still have a lot more to learn though, especially with the way I take pictures in light, as digital cameras make it easy to get good shots without really needing to have an exhaustive comprehension.

I stumbled upon this track called 'Bringa' by Channel Two couple of days ago. And for some reason today I’m supremely frustrated with life {I actually know the reason. I’m still waiting for the chance to start my dream career}. For those of you looking to move to some good music on a Monday {or just looking to get in the mood} feel free to hear the track below. I have no idea what’s going on in this song but it’s very danceable, lovable and it’s a quasi crowd pleaser. I feel like this could easily be the background music to some trippy modern day after work special.

Ok, enough of me blabbering on and on. I’m tired, it’s after 7 in the evening and I was playing foosball at work all day. Have fun this week on whatever state or country you’re located at. Cheers, and come back often.