January 08, 2009

While sitting in my dad’s car a few days ago, MLTR’s song (the video that had a chick on a piano) came on, and I didn’t change the station or put a cd in.

I’m not certain what this means, but it can’t be good.
The past few days in B’lore have been awfully cold. I love our winter, but it’s so much more charming in December than in January. January cold is like the boyfriend who cheats on you and then sends you flowers after you’ve given him the finger. Kidding? It’s you again? You already had your chance, didn’t you? Now get out so I can get on with it.

Sharon Little has a streak of brilliance not often found in the overflowing singer/songwriter set. She has a mind for clever arrangements built upon relatively simple, but elegant, melodies and in this regard she reminds me a bit of Janis Joplin. Her music might not be as attention grabbing or as trendy as her counterparts but she’ll find a way to impress you with this track below.
Whatever words you find to describe this song I’m sure they’ll be of a positive nature.
I shall be back soon with a movie review and a singer/actor that I’m dying to introduce y’all to. In the meantime wait unwearyingly with great eagerness for my return. Well, that and listen to Sharon Little’s track ‘What gets in the way’ on constant repeat for at least an hour.