November 16, 2009

Perfectly Lonely!

This weekend was absolutely awesome. I'm not sure if it was the taste of the cold, the company I had or just the fact that it was fun, but it was great. And I feel like I learned some stuff along the way. First and foremost, I don't want to be back at work. But I am sure that's not really worth mentioning. But in the interest of honesty this, however, is.
I started sort of seeing this boy who is very nice and really into me. I know better than to be getting into anything at this time, but then I started to like him in spite of myself. And we decided to spend some time together, and it was really not that remarkable or life changing, except one conversation we had was so breathtakingly divine and wise that I thought, wow, I have absolutely misjudged this individual! Maybe I should allow myself to fall for him! But inconsistency nests in my brain, and it keeps digging at me so much that maybe I’m just better off being perfectly lonely. Can you believe this shit? Clearly I an awful person and undeserving of personal communication.

But I think my good karma is finally looking up. Screw thinking. I’m grabbing my good moments and seeing what happens. If you can tell me a better way to spend a cool Saturday than eating dinner made by someone who loves you very much, with beer and Incubus, I would love to hear it.

It was a good weekend with people who love me. How can you go wrong with that?
John Mayer has succeeded in building a certain persona for himself. Something about him oozes likeability and it’s hard to define simply why that is so. Maybe it’s because he got those breathy vocals, maybe it’s because he’s kind of brooding and his music inspires everyone to sing along, or maybe there is some other magic behind his charm. Whatever this indescribable effect is it simply drips off of with this track titled ‘Perfectly Lonely’ from his most recent album ‘Battle Studies’. John Mayer is an extremely prolific songwriter, performer and guitarist and he deserves a listen on this cold November evening.

Enjoy the track and have a good week.

4 Pulses Say:

Anonymous said...

A toast for Love.Friendship.Music.John Mayer.

You know who!
Hello Kitty :)

Anupama said...

Hey Eve!!

Love that this from the new album? Been meaning to listen to the tracks for a while now...

It is crazy busy at work...haven't been able to write on my own blog or read yours...but you do know I will catch up as soon as I have free time.

This post reminds me of what JD says in Scrubs in an episode 'Maybe we are not meant to be by ourselves' that something to ponder on especially for Librans who are quite the people people?

Leaving you with that thought...take loads of care and I'll catch up with ya soon sweety!

agent green glass said...

eve, fall for him. he sounds the kind to fall for. but then i'm impulsive. but still ... enjoy the moment. : ))))
and i love the song.

Eveline said...

@Imcha: Oh yes, definitely. All good things, coming together! :)I feel like I'm in that Bjork video "it's oh so quiet." And before you know it I'm Gene Kelly splashing in puddles and singing in the rain. It'll all simmer down eventually and it'll just become normal. So I'm enjoy these heady days as much as I can.

@Anupama: Yup, it's from Mister Mayer's new album titled 'Battle Studies'.
JD, a man after my own heart. The man does speak the truth and as much as i'd like to say that i would gladly discover the rest of my life alone, i know my heart wasn't built for such use. Guess, it's a burden of any libran or any human being for that matter. Hoping to read one of your posts soon. Drop in a line sometime. Tc you!

@Agent Green Glass: For the life of me, I can't seem to wipe this stupid smile off my face. Thanks! I feel 16 right now, so i'm diving right into it. I love the song too. I'm glad to know I've got good company!