June 08, 2009

Today, I got the best gift ever and I had to share the photos with you of it. This amazing gift was given to me by my Colleague and Friend and fellow Foosball player, Tatz.
The reason I want to share it is not to make you envious (even though that might happen anyway) but to show you how generous he is! Thoughtful, generous and a person to look up to and take after!
This is what got me smiling big and getting curious looks from people around me:

Isn’t’ that cool? I absolutely love this gift because 1) It’s been themed around the first album of Paramore titled ‘Riot’ and 2) I fell in love with the personal touch he gave to it. I’m so happy I was the one to get it! Yummy! I feel blessed. I am lucky and very happy! And it’s all even done in my favorite colors: red and black! Look how well made it is. What a girl wants… I will send everyone I know to order designed shoes from this guy. Thank you Tatz, YOU rock! XOXO

OK, I'm sold. Bring it on,

[edit - details but no spoilers.] Damian Lewis fans all over the globe have been claiming that the show ‘LIFE’ was going to be where the actor made the transition from uninteresting puff into great and compelling tv.

It's too early to tell yet, but the first two seasons are easily & by far the best seasons I’ve seen to date. This show is different. It was 100% based around the central concept of the show which is of a cop framed for the murder of his friend and his family. As a result he’s been shoved in prison for 12 years. By the end of his 8th year he is found innocent and offered a huge settlement, in double-digit millions, and is also been placed as a detective at the prestigious LAPD. Each episode brings up lingering background subplots (the people who framed him) to the boil. And increases the darkness quotient of the show tenfold - we're reminded that, despite his reputation as the king of wisecracks, Lewis has a strong affinity for some great action scenes.

Best of all, his character really shakes things up and makes the central mystery more compelling. There's still a chance - maybe a strong one - that the show will immediately slip back into generic tv fodder. But the fact is that if two seasons didn't impress me I was going to give up on ‘LIFE’ altogether. I'm keen to watch the next season, no doubt at all.

I realize that I’ve become programmed to love everything that Andrew Chaikin a.k.a Kid Beyond puts out but this song takes the guy’s talents and general awesomeness to another dimension. It’s amazing how easily he blows you away with his bluesy vocals, beat boxing and live looping with “I Shall Be Free” (a big favorite for me). The track absolutely rocks in the most revolutionary of ways, it is a complete rush. Conclusion: I love this track in every way, although it isn’t the genre of music I’m used to listening to. Listen to it right away if you haven’t already. The track was featured on the show ‘LIFE’. Also, I hope that you die in a decent pair of shoes (you got a lot of long walking to do).

5 Pulses Say:

Anupama said...

Very cool shoes Eve! So you gonna be keeping them as collectibles or have you decided already the first place you'll wear them to? :)

The song is a nice listen for a change...thanks for putting it up...have a great week ahead!

Sia said...

AWWWWWW. Where do you stay? Just a random thought, ok? It's not like I want to sneak up there and steal them shoes. Oh, not at all. :D

Eveline said...

@Anupama: Thanks, Anupama! I could not wait to wear those shoes, so as soon as i recieved it, i packed up my flip-flops and strutted around the office with these new keds. They're really going to be GREAT with matching socks, dont u think?? :P

The song selection was way off course, but i knew it'd be appreciated! :)

@Sia: Send me your pic., will ya? It's not like i'll form my own posse and roam around the hood looking out for ya. :D

Sia said...

Ehe. *giggle* or maybe i should just make my own shoes. or can i borrow your friend?

Eveline said...

Tatz (now christened 'Shoemaker') has a relatively mild mental illness and had one of his episodes. I've put him back in his box so he can merrily bounce off the walls and during short intervals of sanity, work on shoes. If you'd like to have one done.. it will be possible. Of course I shall be the cunning middle-'wo'man. :)