June 16, 2009

All I’ve been able to think about the past few days is:

a) That I’m going to finally ask my crush out for dinner or coffee, and

b) That our love will be brief, because soon my mind will rot away and I will perhaps lay in a pool of my own busted brain vessels.

Even dead of mind, though, I will still be ahead of the game, because I'm hoping that soon I will no longer have to spend hours a day tagging ads and listen to people say things like this:

"Yeah, as I told you, the problem is that, seriously, I mean, here, we are a very serious process. We don't do a lot of--the usual stuff the rest of the floor does. We're working on the next phase, so there's plenty of growth when the display world takes over and you’re going to be part of it. So, to be frank, I don't really — you shouldn’t be spending all that time taking breaks—instead learn from your other colleagues’ smarter working habits"

How the hell did I stick with this company for two years without LOSING MY MIND?

I've been convinced to check out Jerry Bruckheimer’s new show, called 'Cold Case', by a friend who had positive things to say about it. Based on the first few episodes, I think I fall somewhere between the two camps- on the one hand, there are plenty of background hints that it could develop into something interesting. On the other hand, everything about it has a familiar smell - it's very much generic TV. I could pick apart other aspects of the show or compare it unfavorably, but I don't want to be negative. There are good things about it, the casting of Kathryn Morris for one, and it took me a while to warm up to LIFE. I'll just have to wait and see.
I first heard of the band ‘Parachute XVI’ a couple of months ago when I met the drummer at a party thrown by a radio station. Sunday, had me traveling to Alliance Francaise for their show. They played a solid set, but I guess you could say that they needed a bigger stage and larger audience. Part of that can be blamed on the festival planners {seriously, some of the acts were really ridiculous that it was hard to understand what was going on}. I’ll try to score a copy of their tracks sometime soon and give it a spin. The tracks I heard them play were brilliant enough that I immediately started listening to the music on their MySpace page as soon I got home after their show. It gives me high hopes that they’ve got melodic and harmony filled tracks with that awesome bassist to make their songs sound like a cohesive thread.

Love the title, love the opening couple of lines of this song, and love the beat that’s draped across the entire song. Yeah it’s a bit retro, but what isn’t these days? This track is smooth, relaxed, and makes for some easy listening. This is pop music as it was meant to be made. Forget what you hear on the charts, on the crappy local radio station you love, or even from your neighbors. This is what pop music should aspire to be. A catchy tune and a sound you’ll be humming for days. 'Silver Lining' by Rilo Kiley. Enjoy at your leisure.

2 Pulses Say:

Anupama said...

Hey Eve!

What a well-sung and nice song! I have become such a fan of how it has been sung...I'm going to try singing it at Opus sometime (of course they'd have to have the Karaoke) :)

Thanks for this nice song...it's going to play on for a while :) ...tc

Eveline said...

aww Anupama, thank you. you're so sweet.
This makes me smile a great deal.
gosh, i feel the same way - no regret of undone work. music is always worth it. always :)

And let me know next time you feel a karaoke rush hit u.. i'd probably join you too. :)