May 07, 2009

I am just sitting here wondering if I should just scream out loud or just scream quietly. Nothing much to report really, except the fact that my love life sucks and otherwise work has been uber busy.

While I was working I came across this site that offered annual predictions for zodiac signs and it explicitly told me not to be too sympathetic to others – ‘take care of yourself first'. Maybe I should respect the saying or maybe I am already doing it. You can try your luck out by asking me anything that would require me having to show sympathy.

In this time and era when some artists have all but vanished, others carry on putting out new albums that are, well, let’s just say, less than the standard , and others are on an unending break. It can be hard at times to be keyed up for new music. In fact it can be hard to be thrilled for music in general.

Fortunately for us all, in this current desolate economy, there exists one dazzling and immaculate star that has to date, put out three brilliant slices of music for our enjoyment. The third album by Fiction Plane, titled ‘Left Side of the Brain’ has eleven songs that are each unique pieces of intricate craft work. After the band’s debut album it was apparent that Fiction Plane had some serious talent behind the music and this album literally raises the bar to a ridiculous height. I wouldn’t be surprised if this album made it into my best music-list this time around.
The band is essentially the brainchild of Joe Sumner (lead vocals and bassist), the son of musician Sting. The singer has a true vein of modern indie running through his blood and that with vocals very similar to his father’s - the outcome is unbelievably awesome music that is magnetic and enticing. If you haven’t heard this band, then it’s about time you were introduced to Fiction Plane.
My favorite track hails of the album ‘Left Side of the Brain’ called ‘Two Sisters’. If you like this track, chances are you’ll like most of what this band sounds like.

In the next thirteen days on EC, you can leave a comment that has your favorite track and if the single sounds good then I’ll play your song at ‘EC’s 1 year anniversary post’ on the 21st of May. There might be a goodie bag involved here so it’s definitely worth your while to fill out a little comment and hope you get some free stuff, right? Tell your friends, Evuhleen’s Corner is hitting one.

3 Pulses Say:

illusionaire said...

lolz. Hugz. My love life sucks too, but zodiac is the last thing I will turn to :D They are so generalized, they apply to everybody and anybody... hehehe...

Its summer, so most love life sucks. Its too bloody hot to warm up or cuddle up with anybody. lolz. "Honey, will you please not touch me?" *WIDE GRIN* So relax. Come winter, and you and I will do pretty good *wink* until then, I remain, your partner in being single. So worry not. :-)

My fav track: That music video I kept on my blog recently... Lunatica: "Song for you". :-)

Ps. The link to my blog on your side bar still shows the wrong name... *GRIN* "Illuionaire"? hihihi. Sounds like somebody whose front teeth are bashed out in a bar room fight trying to say "illusionaire". lolz.

Eveline said...

Shoot! I'm terribly sorrie about that mistake. Kinda escaped my eye... for a loooong time! Maybe it's time to get those glasses. :)

I dont believe in astrology really but it's fun to check them out especially when you're really bored.

I thought most coupling happens during summer... you know the 'heat is on'... stuff like that! Goodness, life was so much more simple for our ancestors! :P

Aww... my very own wingman! thanks kima! Here's to winter! :)

Anupama said...

I will go with 'Slow Dancing In A Burning Room', my latest discovery that has been playing for 3 days straight now :)