February 23, 2009

Tea does not make the brain function any better on a Monday - no matter how much of it I gulp down. The only upside to not doing all that great at all, really, is that the good people in your life pull you out of the dark weeds you sometimes get caught in- like making you laugh, saying the absolutely nicest things and accompanying you on difficult days. And its times like these that make me cherish my life, because anything else would just be messy.

The Oscars were a good time, but frankly, not enough Hugh Jackman to suit my tastes. He keeps getting hotter and I think I’m falling in love with him more with each passing day.
Sean Penn is kind of my hero. I hope I’m mostly as half as weird as he is someday.
Sometimes I feel like a schmuck for thinking Brad Pitt is hot. But I mean, c’mon!

Sweeeeet! Heath Ledger won for “Dark Knight.”

Danny Boyle just won Best Director for “Slumdog Millionaire”! Woohoo all around!

Truly Mr. Boyle, I can’t quit you. Except for during “28 Days Later”. Then I can totally quit you.

“Slumdog Millionaire” totally wins Best Picture! Man that makes me happy. Truly, all the award shows this year cannot quit Slumdog Millionaire.

Writing this makes me feel like Larry King.

My colleague Tina recently released her bunch of little chocolate treats called ‘Tina Truffles’ that come in cute silver boxes. The box is very minimalist. It comes with a purple ribbon on the front and once opened it contains the maker’s name and number.
The chocolates smell great. Very sweet and delicious smelling vodka, mixed with quite decent chocolate. Overall, I was extremely impressed. As far as homemade chocolates go, it was lovely.

These treats are priced at Rupees 30 and are definitely worth it. These are aimed at chocolate lovers who want to just sit down and take a bite of heaven while they read a book. Is that you? Well, then these will have quite the impression. Contact the creator of these sinful delights at tinamary.rajan@gmail.com

I step outside to get myself something to chomp on for a snack. The sky is on its way to getting dim with the street lamps lighting up the faint streets. The sun had already set, and it was only going to get darker. I was in the mood for something acoustic, so I fidgeted with my mobile until I found a track by alternative rock band ‘Live’. I love the polished, roundness of the band’s sound.
Sometimes it feels like music is the only thing that can bring out my emotions again. Most of them have been replaced by hate right now. Everything is about the corporate world because the world is so detached.

The only thing that makes me survive is my faith in god, the belief that one day, I might mean the world to someone and the thought that eventually, I’ll be able to stop defining myself through others, and simply be content with who I am.

Either way, something’s gotta give.

Catch you on the flip side.

3 Pulses Say:

illusionaire said...

Monday was a holiday here in Maharashtra (coincidentally Mumbai's greatest entry was to be judged and it won, but of course the holiday was for another reason - Maha Shivratri) so most of us here were up the whole night watching the oscars. hahaha. :-)

And I hate tea. I am going to make a post soon on how much I hate tea. lolz. :-)

Eveline said...

Well i got to watch bits of the Oscars at work... and join in with the hurray-in' and the woo-hoo's!

Tea's is like aphrodisiac for me without the immortality part, of course! How can you hate it? And a whole post about tea-hate, you wouldn't dare!:P

illusionaire said...

Thats how you feel tea is?

Note to myself: When you meet Eve, carry unlimited supply of tea and keep feeding her the whole day.

*silly grin*

I was brought up in South India. Hence coffee is a part of my system now. Everybody in Mizoram LOVESSS tea, except me :-(