February 06, 2009

Our Very Own Moral Police, A Dance Festival and A Comeback!

The Sri Rama Sene has decided that they are going to marry any dating couple they see celebrating the ‘Christian ritual’ of Valentine’s Day (Not that I celebrate Valentines Day) but all I have to say to them is this, ‘we'll all be in hell together anyway. You'll see.’

‘India, I am wise to your ways. I know you believe in balancing the idea of spirituality and modernism. You stress the need for progress and technology. So why do you feel you must be conformists when it comes to the way women behave? People. For the love of God. The world does not need any more Muthaliks. This will not make your governance unique. This will make us hate you. As humans we have rights. I hope you did manage to read our constitution.

Well, except for maybe Muthalik. I can’t vouch for the human thing there.’

Chris' new song pokes fun at the moral police. It goes by the tune of 'Every Breath you Take'. Check it out here.

For the folks living in Bangalore, I compel you to make it for the The Attakkalari India Biennial festival - a unique ten day international festival taking place in Bangalore. The event boasts of modern artistic expressions chiefly- the performance arts brought to you by performers from countries such as Burkina Faso, Finland, Japan and the US. And the ones that I will be attending are:
Click on picture to enlarge
If you've never ever been to a dance event before, this is your last chance. Don't pass it up. I will be part of the audience at Chowdiah Memorial Hall this Sunday evening along with some other friends. I think that it’s going to be pretty fabulous and I suspect I shall come away from it, an artier soul.

If you're interested in coming, the relevant details can be found here.

Update: The South Korean Dance Troupe- CcadoO’s performance starts at 7:30 pm on Sunday.

Spice of life, folks. Here's to busting out of the house.

A few months ago I raved about this artist I had stumbled upon. Turns out she’s come up with her new album and her latest effort, or at least the latest track she’s out with titled ‘This is the life’, is brilliant. I don’t know why, but I love this song. For some reason this track has staying power. Every month I comb the web, the blogs, my email and music sites for the best tracks. I have more free time than the average web savvy individual so I use that time to hoard what I believe are the best tracks out there. The song below sounds fresh and consistent with Amy MacDonald music style and that’s why I love this track for showcasing all that I love about her and leaving out all that I find boring, vanilla, and lacking in talent. She’s gifted and talented and you’ve found her here…. where you get all the good with none of the bad. Here’s to hoping that the rest of her stuff will be as good (or better) than this one. That’s all for today’s roundup. Come back soon for more. Enjoy the music while I take a nap.

La la la la la la la.

3 Pulses Say:

illusionaire said...

hehehe... Chris is amazing, great vocals, though it would have been even better if the lyrics were included in the page too.

Enjoy at your dance show :-)

Hey I have one question. How do you put these mp3s on your blog? Putting the player is easy, but what about the songs to be played? Do you select from a list of songs available only? What if the song I want to embed on my blog is not in any list? Or are you uploading the songs to an ftp server or there are certain sites where you can upload them?

Thanx in advance :)

illusionaire said...

Oh in case you were wondering, I want to put a couple of songs for my visitors to listen to on my next post, and I want to make it short (edited the songs) so I dont want to use any of the songs available on youtube etc.

Eveline said...

The mail should explain everything. Write to me if you need to know more.
I'll probably bug Chris to get the lyrics up on the site. Tc, Kima