January 27, 2009

Soldier Down

Yesterday it was the last bout of a fever, a runny nose, burning eyes and a tickly throat.

Today it is chest congestion, dry cough, stuffy and runny nose and puffy eyes.

Oh, it's a slashing cough. They're gonna love me at work tomorrow.

So the fever’s gone but the cold remains. I’m waiting to get over the tissues and warm clothes; I can almost feel the freedom of free breath and a clear throat. I tried to prepare some chicken broth treats, mum made some of my favorite homemade fried chicken and chicken sandwiches. I heated some leftover KFC Chicken- I'm all chickened out. And I'm trying to OD on cold medicine.
Yet it seems that my body just really wants to be sick right now. Actually, what my body needs is to have someone come over and make me chicken anything and rub my back. Maybe when mum comes back I could ask her to feed me some jelly for dessert and give me little "feel better" kisses.

But until that happens I'll just take some medicine, hunker down and pray for morning.

This evening, I abandoned all other responsibilities and sank my time into a music detox with some excellent artists. Best part? No guilt. Music overrides everything because it holds a power that I'm still realizing.

It can have me and I'll gladly go.
The Weepies with ‘Living in Twilight’

6 Pulses Say:

manuscrypts said...

chickened out? coz of the fever, i was thinking hot chick!! :p
get well soon :)

Eveline said...

:D Thanks Manu!

illusionaire said...

Hugz and do get well soon Eve.

Eveline said...

Thanks kima! I think i'm in pretty good shape now. I guess it takes a fever to make you realize you aren't wonder woman ;P

illusionaire said...

In sickness or in health, you'll always be a wonder-woman to me :-)

Eveline said...

I'm honoured! :) You're one of the nicest people to say that. Big hugs!