July 27, 2008

The recent happenings in Bangalore have had an adverse affect on me. I’ve been thinking…what if today was it? Fortunately, I wasn’t the only one with the thought. My old friend was so shaken up about Friday that I decided to meet up with him last night. My existential loneliness, my doubts about whether I fit in the human race would be shoved someplace, not so pretty, for the evening and I would find short-lived but blissful friendship in the company of a friend. I really didn’t expect ending the night with a crush on him. So now it’s time to give my friend a little nickname- hmm…Dex. I used to call him that when we were in college. Dex and I have been great friends but we’ve also had this unusual chemistry between us for the past eight years. I met him at my college fest. He was cute and I had just dedicated three songs to him. I’m so glad I was so determined to get to know him.

Last night we had a lovely date, we laughed, we talked, we gossiped about mutual acquaintances but no stretch of imagination allows me to understand how I could have a crush on him, since the date was so ordinary! After dropping me home and then placing a kiss… on my cheek (no no, I wasn’t that lucky), things are as murky as ever. Evidently the universe has decided to complicate my life, like it wasn’t already complicated enough and in an effort to bring clarity to my life I have decided to not call him for some time. I feel so vulnerable. What's to protect me from the sticks and stones of an outrageous fortune? I think I’m just going to ground myself at home then I’ll never have to worry about having unnecessary infatuations. Don't you wish you were me? Then you could be this healthy all the time. Why didn't anyone tell me that the Gin Blossoms was the kind of band you can’t miss out on? I had never heard anyone tell me that they were so amazing that I had to check them out. The Gin Blossoms are an alternative power popster band from Tempe, Arizona and they are incredible. My favorite at the moment is ‘Until I fall away’. Their music has been out there for a long time. I just haven’t heard it, until now. This song has classic melody, delicious harmony and an unforgettable chorus, all which adds up to an obvious hit single. If for some reason, this band hasn’t made its way into your collection, check it out. This song was released a long time ago- 1994, to be precise but it’s worth another listen if you skipped over at it at some point. You might just hear flashes of your own life in it’s notes.

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