May 29, 2008

The Tingle of E : Plundering for Art

Ever heard John Mayer’s ‘Slow Dancing in a Burning Room’ and Gary Moore’s ‘Still Got the Blues’ ??? (I plan to have them played on my wedding day. That’s if I ever do get married.) There’s definitely something about their music that makes this young heart lose touch with just about everything else around me. That’s art! I think the main emotion here is release. That’s what art is supposed to do. The world needs musicians as much as we need food, shelter and air, we need art! Music seems to be the universal language in that it bypasses the ego. How do you confine or label a ray of light. Who really wants to?? It’s Magic. Knowing Art, up close- with two ears is a privilege that some fail to recognize. Aren’t we so lucky?