October 01, 2008

Girl Alone and More on My T-Shirt Idea

Okay, I don’t know if you guys know this or anything, but apparently, kids today are into these things called “blogs” where they go online and talk about stuff. You ask me, it’ll never catch on.

Clearly, I’m in a kidding sort of mood tonight.

Anyway, I’ve mentioned my affection for the book ‘Girl Alone’ sometime back here on EC, and I wish Rupa Gulab had a blog or something. The book is pretty good, if you’re in the mood for some really casual reading. And while I don’t think it’s in danger of being dethroned anytime soon, fellow blogger Meenakshi Reddy’s book ‘You are here’ seems awfully similar to this one. Still, both books are a pretty enjoyable way to knock out an hour or two.

In ‘Girl Alone’, our main character, Arti (also the main character of ‘You are here’), is the terribly smart and occasionally petulant girl that seems terribly familiar. There’s some nice character moments for her that see her feeling bad about her flaws and trying to be a better person. It’s zippy and entertaining, and Gulab’s art is highly parallel to that of Miss Reddy’s, but with an entirely different style of easy-to-read faces that really do a great job of bringing it to life.

When it comes to t-shirts, I’ve always been a fan of the slightly more plain t-shirts with logos on them and I’ve got to say thank you to the few who gave a shout of approval for the idea. In fact, I’m starting to think my Apparel section scheme might be making a turn for the better! Maybe this is where it all comes together and I’d start getting interesting designs that make sense.

Wednesday night like every other night belongs to the music played here on EC. In this post I'm going to abandon my usual method of band introduction and assure you that there’s only one thing I take seriously around here.

Because music is serious business. And that’s the foundation upon which the Internet’s Most Remorselessly Savage Music Blogs are based on.

And that’s the week. As usual, blah blah blah, comments and questions about anything I write are welcome- or an urge to discuss how Eveline is quietly becoming one of the best writers in the industry, feel free to drop in a line.

Just a friendly reminder for those of you who might’ve missed it: Heroes is out, well in the US. But thanks to The Pirate Bay, I’ve got the latest episodes to one of the most addictive series out there. And that, for the record, makes someone like this happy.

To SwB, Happy Belated Birthday

To Abhi, It’s about time you got here.

Here's Lacuna Coil with 'Closer'

3 Pulses Say:

Anonymous said...

Hey Eve, can I interest you in two Mizo Gothic bands? I'm sure you'll like it, and yeah the lyrics are composed in English. :)

Scavenger Project - Signs.

My friend who's the bassist is the ex-bassist of popular Delhi based Mizo deth-metal band "IIIrd Sovereign".

And here's another recent Mizo band called Myth of Fate with their song "Paradise".


Enjoy :)

Anonymous said...

LOL! Of course Rupa Gulab has a blog kiddo. Here it is:


Tell her you're a friend of the Blues and I'm sure she'll send you an autographed copy :)

Anonymous said...

@illusionaire: Thanks Kima! you have made me smile in what looks to be a shitty day for me. Thank you sir. :)
And now that i think about it, I'll LOOOVE some new bands to follow up on.
Hang on.. a naga friend introduced me to this band called 'Scavenger'- sorta on the heavier side. Is it the same band u're talking about?

Oh, and thanks for swinging by!

@SwB: See thinking aloud helps! ;D
I'm so glad i've got connections.. hehe. Thanks Blues.