August 26, 2008

Some Disillusionment and Yay! A New Band

Back when I was just a fresh graduate I wasn’t very careful about the dates I went on. My frailty being what it is, many of these became serious little relationships and then I regretted getting into anything at all. After it was over I'd spent very little energy dwelling on missed connections.
There were a few cases, however, in which the photograph that accompanied the initial romance depicted a fellow of such breathtaking beauty that even now a small part of me regrets what might have been, even if the time for which it might have been was less than a couple of months. I am not so naive as to pout over the guy that got away, but I have spent an occasional moment or five since then wishing I’d bump into him.

Keep this in mind, as I kinda change the subject to mention that while I was going through an old social networking site that I was a member of a long time ago. A quick exploration of the photo album revealed the photo I have described above, which I hadn't seen for years. I sat back in my chair spending a few moments reminiscing a moment of a time long gone. A minute further into the inspection of the photograph exposed features that were average, and possibly worse. My memory made him look like Lancelot and damn my visual senses for judging him attractive in the first place. I deleted the pictures but now I’m worried at some point later in my life my laptop’s going to tell me that I have to repeat the same exercise with some other built up memory and I can only imagine what illusions I’ll have to smash to smithereens then.

Moving onto something a little happier now- If you feel like you are sick and tired of hearing overplayed songs on the radio or the television and you just want to hear something fresh and new then give The Afters a try.
The Afters is a band composed of Josh Havens (vocals), Matt Fuqua (guitar), Brad Wigg (bass) and Marc Dodd (drums), young music artists from Mesquite, Texas. The band was formed at a Starbucks coffee shop under the name ‘Blisse’. They came up with ‘The Afters’ after realizing that there was another band that used the name ‘Blisse’. The Afters’ music has an upbeat rock sound. The album ‘Never Going Back to OK’ will surely be worth your listening time and deserves to be part of your playlist.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, just so you know am following your story about the new friend..

Anonymous said...

:D Glad to know. Will reveal more soon... Stay tuned! (i should really stop saying that)