June 03, 2008

View from the Crack

Over the last few days, it seems like I have been putting myself in situations with someone that I don't feel right with. And before I get too deep into this, I've been giving the whole situation a lot of thought. He is such a great guy but I'm not physically attracted to him and I don't really see how things can go back to friendship. I know I should never look at it with an end in sight and its not like I'm saying that I will give it sometime and then reconsider, but then I do have to think about the possibility of the end of whatever little we have right now so that I can be prepared if need be. I don't know where this will go. I don't know if I want this to go anywhere. I don't know even know if I want to deal with it all right now.

Was I the only one who thought that David Archuleta was gonna win AI since the people who are usually fantastic never win? (I'm talking about Michael John and Asiah Epperson)

Listening to Paolo Nutini… he’s been getting famous. Heard his album when it came out last year. I think the Puma ad got his face showing up everywhere now.

Today I woke up with somebody’s singing and then I realized the person singing was me.

I have absolutely no memory of what I was singing. I’ve been known to say things in my sleep and hence I always have to get up every hour in the night just to check that the noise freaking me out wasn’t my own. I thought I sounded better in my sleep….

Oh… back to Paolo Nutini... Lyrics from his song 'Who's The Fool'

"Now who’s the fool

Taking everything and always wanting more

Now who’s the fool

We see the times we had too prescious to ignore

Now I’m looking at you

What's so clear to me

Now I’m not that sure am I the fool"

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