June 04, 2008

One-Note Wonder - The Bangalorean Eccentric

I’ve never been much of a performer. But it’s really what music does to you before it even reaches the audience. That’s the only reason why singers keep performing. It goes beyond fame, wealth or the audience. Why do I write about music or who do I sing for? Well, it’s plain and simple: I do it for me. I do rob others if I do not share it. But I rob myself most of all if I do not write or sing. A friend asked me once- ‘Do you love music that much?’ ‘Hell yeah!’, I said. “If I didn’t, there’d probably be something wrong with me.” The excitement I get from it is much like when little Lucy found that huge wardrobe. There’s something spiritual about it. Something natural. Something raw. When it feels right you don’t need to apologize for it or justify it.
Are there dimensions to music that drive us as performers or writers- Dimensions related to art? I think so. I believe if we never had these natural drives, then we are something less than artists and our art may appear unreal. Sometimes our fear cuts us off from normal feelings. We often doubt our drives. But I guess the motivation one experiences as an artist transcends ambition.

Ray Charles once said, “I realize everybody’s gotta eat and a lot of people have jobs they don’t like. But when it comes to music, if you can’t get turned on by what you’re doing, then go to work at the post office.”

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