June 09, 2008

Grand Old Youngster

So the things I’ve done lately... Listened to the new albums of Coldplay (Violet Hill), One Republic (Dreaming Out Loud), Jason Mraz (We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things.), Sam Sparro (Black & Gold) and Justin Nozuka’s single ‘After Tonight’- he's not so popular or widely known but he ought to be!

On a personal note, I’ve been celebrating clarity for the past few days. Too bad, it cost me a friend I’ve known for some time now. Celebration, anticipation and farewells. I can't decide if I'm going to love or grieve for breezy bright June.

After listening to the tracks from Coldplay's new offering, I believe they’ve come up with a new recipe that their fans will adore and want a lot of.

It's been a couple of days since I’ve had my strange enlightenment, but I've yet to sort out my life, buckle down and figure things out completely. At least the luggage has been emptied, though some of its contents are scattered across in my head. I've got a huge mess to clean up before I try to move onto something or someone else, which includes all the memories he’s left me with. I've been swamped with images and am having a trying time at work. No time to read my seven precious books of Narnia and no time to think much about anything really. But when I heard Jamie Cullum’s track ‘Twenty Something’, it made me sit up and smile. It starts out a little slow but then gets really good.

I imagine he has a look in his eyes that says he's already miles away and when he says, "Someday," you know that "someday" will never come to pass.
KD Lang’s ‘Surrender’. Though I didn't care much for the other songs - I thought she nailed this one. Beautifully.

Stocking up on ice-cream, tea and cookies and ideas about which is more amazing: A parallel universe or that we are one of a kind in this universe.
I can’t dress all corporately no matter how much I try. I've noticed the quizzical looks I get from other employers in the same campus who probably wonder why a working lady dresses like a college-going kid.

I’m glad to be back at work on a Monday and doing what I love to do: half a day of work and the rest of the time- write. Here’s what I’m listening to right now. Landon Pigg’s ‘Coffee Shop’

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