May 25, 2008

A Local Band and A Fan

The radio and the internet get a mention because up until middle school or so I thought music consisted of acts like – Michael Jackson, New Kids on The Block, Prince and Journey (which was mostly for sentimental reasons). Now I’ve turned on my mind’s musical side and I realize there are hundreds of them! From Matchbox Twenty, Lifehouse, Third Eye Blind, Goo Goo Dolls, Vertical Horizon to Taking Back Sunday, Counting Crows, Coldplay, Tori Amos... and this is just Alternative.
I haven’t discovered a new artist to write about this week. Training for a new process at work is over. I barely made it through the first week and i cant believe the weekend’s almost over. Last night I remembered this local show that took place about 3 yrs ago and I decided to write about it before my memory fails me. It was during my first year in M.A. My friend’s boyfriend asked me to come and hear him play at a coffee shop. I had seen local bands play in B’lore and I had never gotten the whole Spazobilly punk rock mayhem thing and that day it rained quite monstrously. I wanted to give up going to the concert altogether but I decided to go for it anyways because anything was better than staying at home.
Tony Das, was the friend who invited me. At the time he was playing for Thermal and a Quarter and he was also part of the three member band- Golden Boy, who performed that night. The other two were his older brother, Chris and his little sister, Judy. As a family they’ve been together cultivating their sound for so many years and what took place that night was real music - unplugged, acoustic, at its best!
Judy sang Bonnie Rait’s ‘I Can’t Make You Love Me’. Her voice was intimate and sultry and that reflected her artistic and personal life. Chris sang the very famous, Maroon 5 ‘This Love’ and Vertical Horizon’s ‘Everything You Want’- these were my favorites at the time and if anyone had sung them and screwed them up I would’ve probably had some seething comment ready. But Chris exerted a powerful creative presence that night with his acoustic rendition of the two songs. Tony Das, (now the guitarist of Karma6) a multi-talented guitar player - If you haven't watched this boy play, hold on to your space suits kids!
The trio’s music is not en vogue in a sense. They sing the kind of songs that you would listen to on those wintery days. Always catchy and always thoughtful. These folks exude a strange sort of confidence that makes you feel like throwing your hands up and loving.

The Miracle of ’08- after a long break, the Das’ performed again at the Opus. By this time I had gotten to know them pretty well and this was the local act that I had wanted to see perform. Some of the songs sang by the group were from the 80’s.. It made the night seem sunny and hopeful and took you out of a world of dead end jobs, phonies, sycophants, making up and breaking up.
Judy sang Sara Bareilles and Jewel. Chris sang tracks by Del Amitri and Winger, with a special dedication to their biggest fans- their mum, Tony’s girl- Runa and then the unique devotee- ME!
Don’t know if these guys will ever play again together, but if they do… I’m there. You should join me too. Long live Alternative Rock!

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Anonymous said...

Wish you were around when I started blogging 5 years ago ... Guess you must have been in school or something then! :)

But this is the kind of thing i had initially planned on blogging about - music and bands n stuff. Somewhere along the way I kinda lost focus and started writing on just about enything.

The brother-sister band is so sweet! I love Bonnie Raitt. And Jewel Kilcher (Pieces of You esp.) Hope you're having a great weekend.

Cheers! (...and keep the posts flowing)