May 30, 2008


Check out these guys - Alejandro Manzano, Fabian Manzano, Daniel Manzano from Florida. They're brothers who make amazing music. Just a handful of people might have heard of their music in the US and they’re practically unheard of in India. But on the strength of their incredible performances, they have grown to own a solid fan-base which is no easy goddamn task.

I stumbled upon their music on Youtube at the beginning of the year and since then I’ve been a dedicated fan. I’m particularly excited about their new album- ‘All You’re Meant To Be’, primarily because it’s their first release since I got to know them. More importantly, they also sang covers of some my new favorite artists- John Mayer, Chris Bown, Carrie Underwood and Leona Lewis. Liking the covers, if I’m 100% honest, really says I like who this band was, the new album will determine if I like who the band is.
Boyceavenue’s here for the long haul. Their performances are phenomenal and the members themselves make clear one thing: that they’ve set the standard and all you have to do is turn up the volume, hit the repeat button, and your troubles, for a blissful three minutes or so, will disappear.

2 Pulses Say:

Vis said...

Eveline - where do I get their music ? anywhere online other than youtube...


Evuhleen said...

You can listen or download or buy their album at MySpace.