June 22, 2011

Hiya, Internets. I don't know if you've noticed but lately I've felt a smidgen well, distracted. Maybe that's the best way to explain it. And having a lot of fun too. And when I get distracted I start doubting myself and that never ends well. I feel kinda like I'm whirling uncontrollably at life. And the thoughts that run through my head? Usually sound something like oh shit everyone hates me and I'm a horrible wife and what kind of person am I because I'm sure even the Internet hates me because I've totally abandoned my site and I have, finally, jumped the shark and none of those thoughts are ever enjoyable.

The other day I went back to some of my older entries. I pulled up the comments and noticed that some of people reading me a year ago are still dropping by. And, in addition to all those wonderful people, there are new people poking their heads in everyday! So, while all of this is running through that dodgy place I like to call my brain, thank you for reading anyway. I bow to you, fine people. Really, I do. You guys rock. How else could I explain the fact that you stop by and read even when it’s just crap likes this? I’m going to try getting back to writing as often as I used to and if I skip a couple of days, it’s probably because I’m honing my ninja skills.

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