March 28, 2011

The weekend was too short. I realize that's pretty much the most apparent declaration ever made especially since most of you out there are thinking the exact same thing. But I'd be thoughtless if I didn't mention my disappointment with the world coming from the fact that it is, indeed, a Monday. I'm further disappointed by the fact that my beloved Frenchman had to leave for Paris 20 days after getting married, to attain a work visa that would allow him to work in India. Not for one day, not for two days, not for a week, not even for two weeks, but… FOR ONE WHOLE MONTH!!! We were devastated. And even though he has to do this for the both of us, so we can be together, I miss him terribly and want him back. Now.

Even though this time apart is good for some me-time. It’s not relaxing. That's not to say it isn’t fun. It is. But I’m in love and hopelessly screwed. However, I’m surviving - though I'm sure there will be flashbacks and some lingering post-traumatic stress - until my Frenchman arrives home. Heck, in the days of being married, we have been together almost 24 hours, 7 days a week. We eat all our meals together, we go to the same functions and parties… oh yes, and we even sleep together. The only times we’re not together is when I’m in the office or when we’re at home and he’s watching TV in the living room and I’m journaling in my work area. And since the Frenchman is the cook in our little family, I’m surviving on take-outs and Maggi.

So him returning home would be nice. I'm just sayin'.

For the past 3 years (wow) I've recapped events, weeks and brought you music I've listened to, things I've read, discovered and seen and other random things. Today, however, I've got to shift gears.

The Frenchman. For those of you who aren't in the loop, my husband is the strongest, kindest and smartest man on the planet. He's a fantastic cook, a wonderful husband and an all-around incredible person all while being smoking hot.

Mr. Perot. I love you.

Just who is the Two Door Cinema Club? To be honest I’m not entirely sure. I know their music was randomly dropped into Grooveshark playlist last week. But other than that I don’t know much. I know in pictures the lead vocalist looks like a very sweet ginger headed boy, but in video it feels like he’s trying to come across as Indie Rock.

I also know that their music is worth a listen and will probably interest most of the people who read this blog. Including you. So, here’s ‘Two Door Cinema Club’ with “What You Know”. Enjoy the music.