November 30, 2009

Third Time Around

Friday was a blast. I went to work despite the temptation to stay in and sleep - I did my job, checked out at five thirty, and returned home to ready myself for the Soulmate concert that evening. It was an interesting show if you happened to be there. The place was packed, a sea of screaming fans and I was struck by a feeling of tremendous good fortune, lucky that I was there at this crowded space not because I was surrounded by close friends and colleagues but because I was a music lover and I belonged in a place like this. I had, simply, a reason to be there. As usual, Tips and Rudy were pretty damn good. Nearly every song was accentuated with a groove-heavy jam. It was the kind of live music you wanted to watch on a cold November evening but funky, fun to watch and listen to. We were a little disappointed that we were treated to only two or three of their ‘Moving On’ album barn burners. But the duo sounded great. Lead singer Tipriti ‘Tips’ Kharbangar was awesome - and guitar god – Rudy Wallang nearly made us pass out from a bundle of wonderfulness. Now, that’s what I call a monster guitarist! Overall, good show, just more than what I or, apparently, the crowd expected.

After the band had performed their first set and then pulled off for a brief break – I got to catch up with my favourite singer and I realized that my efforts to look good that night were completely and utterly rewarded when Tips bear-hugged me and told me I looked absolutely sexy! Then after a few giggles she proceeded to fill me in on the details of her tour so far and an exciting piece of news - that she gets to open for Brazilian Musician Sheyla Costa’s show in Paris next week.

If you can't tell by now, I loved the show. I wanted to find some roofs to yell "Soulmate's here, baby" from the tops of. Listening to them is a blast. There are times in which you can close your eyes and know for absolute certain that this is the same group who can record a perfectly sounding good track and also act crazy with you when they’re not on stage. And those are the moments in which musicians like these proves to be one of the greats as well.

I guess I've been in the groove all along.

Soulmate with ‘I Am’