August 17, 2009

Hey everyone! I was trapped in a windowless office all day despite the fact that it seems to have been a gorgeous day! All I could do was think on means of escaping. After a long, drama-ful day, Monday is finally over. I finally got the time to sort through the pictures that I took on Wednesday night at dinner with some friends from Hong Kong and found a few that didn't suck as bad as the rest (see how I'm working for you?). I liked how the ones below came out.

The dinner started promptly at 8:00? My three friends, Angela, Hazel and Florence pounded out a great menu that was nothing short of fantastic and delicious.
I have to admit, I don’t really like authentic Chinese food and I really wasn’t prepared to be wowed by it but – well - I was wowed by it. The food prepared by these girls was truly fantastic. And the meat! Get outta town! Incredible!

So, the other day I was checking my blog email account and I'd received a comment from an address I didn't recognize. Now, if you comment at all, you know that I at least try to keep up with them. I opened this particular one and I was pretty surprised to find a really nice comment on my post about ‘White Town’. The more I looked, the more I realized that someone fantastic had unleashed a can of awesome in my comments section. I was double-overjoyed - a) White Town aka Jyoti Prakash Mishra had read my post and left a comment, b) he was so friggin NICE!! And c) Jyoti Prakash Mishra read my blog!!!

Notes to Self: Just having recovered from a bad case of the dreadful flu I’ve realized that accidentally doubling medication is really a bad idea. If you think you might have taken them once, don't go back to the medicine cabinet all not-so-bothered and take more. It doesn't make you feel good. At all!
And when you're awake at 3:00 in the morning and possibly overdosing due to excessive mediation, it’s very easy to get lost in your own home. Take breadcrumbs to bed for the next outing.

You all know by now that I love music and that I own an incredible number of albums and I'm adding more everyday. If you guessed that the occasional album gets lost in the shuffle and goes without being listened to for a substantial amount of time, you'd be correct. I have to admit to you that I've been sitting on a real find but didn't know it until last night (and confirmed just a little while ago). My music recommendation for this week is Lucie Silvas. The album in focus is ‘Breathe In’. I am taken with the contemporary sound she creates. There are two words that immediately jumped into my head the first time I listened to the album by her. The first word is giddy. Giddy because that’s how this music makes me feel. And it’s heartfelt - genuine, adult contemporary pop. Overall she’s a solid artist with interesting music.

The album is great and I’ve been listening to it on and off for at least a month now and I still think it’s good. Overall Lucie Silvas has captured modern pop music and made it something clever and captivating, avoiding the ubiquitous banalities that drag down so many other bands. Enjoy this track titled 'Don't Look Back' that I’ve put up here and rest assured the remainder of the album is just as addictive. Do yourself a favor and check it out. Great week y'all!

4 Pulses Say:

Peter said...

I know you know but I had an awesome monday morning. The weather was Perfect... :)

Eveline said...

Oh Pete.. the things you do to get me jealous; Although it's great to hear you had a fabulous Monday morning. Hope the rest of the week was as eventful. Great weekend to ya. See you soon! :*

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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