December 24, 2008

On Christmas day, I’m going to be doing something low-key. No large gatherings just spending time with my family. This time my older sister, bro-in law and niece wont be joining us for Christmas as they’ve decided to spend the 25th in Nagaland.

Christmas, as I’ve known, has always been about tiresome get-togethers. Relatives and friends would throw lunches and dinners and being one of the children, I was always forced to play with my cousins or kids around the same age, away from the adults who sipped on wine and laughed loudly. Christmas’ with them were never really enjoyable as we had nothing in common and I only saw them once a year.

Even though I’ve had some great moments with these not-so-complete strangers I’ve decided to not repeat the tradition this year around. I’m going to be working the days between Christmas and New Year’s because I can’t afford any time off and because I suppose the holidays are what you make of them and I’m going to have more fun at work.

My sister, bro-in-law and niece are going to be in a different place on Christmas Day. I can’t wait to talk to them and wish them all a merry Christmas.
I don't have the energy to write much of a post today. It could have something to do with the fact that I’ve had a crappy overworked week so far. It could also be the fact that so far today I've only consumed tea and an apple.
I can inform you, however, that my whole Christmassy mood hasn’t been shaken. It could have something to do with the fact that I patched things up with an old friend. Or it could relate to the fact that Ck gifted me the latest albums of Snow Patrol, The Verve, Keane and GNR.
The idea of going back to loads of work after Christmas doesn’t make the merry state last for long. Fortunately for everyone, the ability to spew out fire on my Christmas Wish List still hasn’t arrived.
This is a song that stick-in-the-mud Christmas celebrators and old fogey Third Day fans often like. And I love this version of the classic. The song is well-known: "Do You Hear What I Hear?" written by Noel Regney and music written by Gloria Shayne Baker. This song dates back to the 1960’s during the Cold War and this version by Third Day appropriately turns into a thrusting rock song that is amongst the best of the new Christmas songs, and with a clear message. I smell a new holiday favorite at EC.
Anyway, this entry is longer than I intended, but it was a good one and it was great to play some grand Christmas music for y’all. There's more to tell, but your attention span is probably about to disappear right now. So here's to bustin' out of the house. I so hope you’re feeling good, doing what you want with this holiday and that you are where you want to be. Happy, content, loved. Please give away lots of love and hugs and music.

Have a crazy cool musical Christmas!