July 14, 2008

EC's Ensemble

Greg Matthews - Vocals
Mikey Guitar - Guitars
Neil Treppas - Bass Guitar
Lee Bradbury – Drums

Once again, the time has come for me to post my new discovery. The band is called Bauer and they were simply good enough to garner my attention. The track below proves to be easy listening for any car currently driving the streets of this depressing world. The track ‘connected’ does a good job showcasing the talent these four boys from the North of England have.

Some tracks are very creative; some tracks will leave you lost in thought while others will simply leave you bouncing your head while your fingers reach involuntarily for the repeat button. For those of you who like the whole 80’s synth pop or Coldplay then check out Bauer on their easy to read page by clicking here or on their MySpace page here.

As a reminder - if you’re reading this then you can click on the player to hear the track called ‘Connected’. Also, each and every song you see here on EC can be yours. Simply mail me and I will send you the tracks.

You must. You have to check out Lion of Ido’s- new song ‘Top of The world’, up now on myspace and itunes.

I write this blog because I love music and more importantly I love to share songs, sounds and artists who I indisputably appreciate.

As the Rolling Stones would sing, “on with the show…”

To a friend of mine who keeps a brilliant blog. SwB.