September 02, 2008

Things you cant get out of

I’ve become aware of the fact that I’ve been using my mobile too much lately. And by the time I realize it’s too late for me to be conscious, my sleep has disappeared and I lie awake wishing I hadn’t thrown away my sleeping pills. I wish I could turn off my mobile but I fear the result of an anxiety attack. I remember very clearly, the day I left my mobile at home. I was expecting a call from the crooner. That day didn’t go so well. I was grumpy, restless, I cussed all day and I had hallucinations. I’d hear my phone ringing faintly when it really wasn’t. I’d feel the need to check my bag for the phone to check my messages or missed calls and then realize I didn’t carry it with me. That’s when I accepted the reality that I had a problem. I’m not even sure if it’s completely physical or if it’s also a psychological issue. It’s sort of bizarre to understand how one can get so attached to a little device. This has of course got me thinking about other things in my life that I might be obsessed with- like some other gadget or food or alcohol or men. I think I might just try to go without any of the above for a couple of days, or at least choose one and see if my opinion or anything like that changes.

My sister has told my older sister and me that she wants to get married to her boyfriend next year. When my older sister told me that in 2003, I screamed for joy and wished her luck but you see it’s a different case with my twin. My folks are pretty cool with our lifestyle but if there’s one thing they’re particular about, it’s the religion part of it. We’ve been brought up in a devout Baptist (protestant) home and my dad is an important man at our home church so my twin’s plans of marrying her boyfriend who happens to be Hindu by religion, well, isn’t going to get him screaming for joy. Last night I was hunting for a photo album that had a picture of my sister and me when we were kids. I found it in my drawer with no trouble at all.
And now, the music- I’ve been listening to this brilliant artist all day at work- Sia is an Aussie singer.

The album 'Some People Have Real Problems', is stunning work. One of the outstanding tracks is the three minute up-tempo ‘Buttons’ that I’ve uploaded below, which is alluring in its own right. So now do yourselves a favor and enjoy the track.

6 Pulses Say:

zypsy said...

am completely detached from my cell. i don't usually pick it up if i'm reading the paper, having breakfast/lunch/dinner...or if it's too early in the morning or late at night.

i take my own sweet time to check messages and missed calls. i also don't call back when i get missed calls from unknown numbers:-)

ahh...religion & love. it never ends :-(

Arnold said...

Well, I'm thinking of giving up on the cellphone -- or at least switching it off for a two-week period or so to see how that goes. What I am addicted to, in this respect, is the Internet. I neeeed the Internet. I ought to give that up for two weeks!

As for alcohol, I don't plan to cut that out any time soon. (Taking it to the grave, you could say.) And well, men. Yes, I think I could do without them. Quite nicely, actually.

manuscrypts said...

the first para.. there's something called nomophobia.. check it out

confuzd jughead said...

guess what?i actually found ma way around ur blog and am here finally commenting ;) neways abt the fone, trust me i have similar urges wen am expecting a specific call...i can actually hear it ring thou u like to term that as hallucination i only see it as ma mind having a good time taking me on a wild goose chase of sorts ;)
and talk abt addiction to men babe...i am thinking that with the current dearth of suitable specimens in our country am gonna try a different country...let's see...but u knw wat?u have beautifully worded wat most of us go thru today thanks to the hi tech lives...thanks ;)

Eveline said...

@zypsy: It's enviable to see that you are in control and not the other way around.
Thanks for the comment.

@Arnold: The internet- that's another thing i can't do without.

I suppose u can do without the men. They can be quite annoying ;)

@manuscrypts: Oh, i've heard about the phobia. In my case it gets complicated. I'm just addicted to a lot of things.

Thanks for stopping by :)

Eveline said...

@confuzd jughead: Thanks babe for the comment. The hallucinations haven't taken place lately but the next time i dont carry my mobile with me i'll try thinking ur way.
About the men. Unfortunatley, i believe in second chances.