August 15, 2008

Dark Knight and - Happy Independence Day!

Last evening, was quite an adventure and I can't recall the last time I had an unusual night out. I didn't go out for an old faithful drink but for the new batman movie (Damn CK for not having me seen it sooner). So the movie finally happened because god willed it I tell you. (He knew how badly I wanted to see Heath Ledger.) I must say the movie was pretty damn good.

I had finished work early and went to another office in the city and I just couldn’t forget the weird looks I got from techies who looked at me like I was some small sized girl selling cookies or something. My crew and I left the office pretty late and then we got stuck in the rain. Of course, no auto would take us to the theatre because it wasn’t far enough for them so we hopped onto a bus- a first for me and it wasn’t bad at all. It was one of those fancy Volvo buses and there was no inappropriate touching involved so I didn’t have to scream. We got off the bus, got drenched a little more and then entered the icy theatre ready to catch a cold… anything for Heath Ledger. The movie is still fresh in my mind and it seems so daringly real. For two hours I sat in my seat enthralled. One really can’t grasp the admiration I have for Heath Ledger’s acting until you watch this film. For my friends who thought Jack Nicholson was the best Joker there ever was… Umm… there’s no doubt about it now that Heath Ledger was insane in a way that Jack Nicholson never came close to approaching.

Dozens of critics and millions of audience members can’t be wrong- The Dark Knight is certainly one of the greatest films made this year. Period. The film consistently surprises you and Ledger is entirely convincing in his evilness and strength.

In the movie you never see Heath Ledger as the the Joker. Never. It’s hard to place the polished jaw, good-looking Aussie as the erratic villain. I was so bummed out that a guy with so much talent like him had to die but you have to agree that he did go out with a bang.

The movie makes you question the strength of humanity through the Joker. It’s ugliness. The theme of choice plays a huge part and that is the most crucial test in human character. This makes the experience of watching the movie all the more worthwhile. Director Christopher Nolan has done an outstanding job in transforming the world of comics into a literary experience.

A lot of movies make you sob your heart out or laugh out like crazy; this one just makes your head burst! For those of you who haven’t gotten around to watching it, well then rush to the nearest theatre and get yourself a ticket- if not for the batman then just for the terrific and the dark performance of Mister Ledger. Screw the standards of good and bad, villains and heroes. This movie makes you rethink all that.

Today, I got up late and then went with my dad to get my voters id. After that was done I joined my friends for lunch at Koshy’s. Bacon, eggs and beer- Mmm…life couldn't get possibly better.

I have cookies on my table, the DVD of ‘Lolita’ to watch and I have a window that opens out to the little sunlight there is right now. Late last night I chatted with a very old friend and it was so nice to catch up with him after so many years. When I meet most of my old friends they never tell me that I’ve changed drastically. Well, because I’m of the same height and size since I was in high school and also I look much younger than my age, a trait I’ve had to endure for awhile now (I’ve come to accept that I look more girlish than womanly).

Bought a new top in my drunken state – not bad. The feeling is great. I’ll have to try this sometime soon again.

Made a new friend- online. Still thinking if it was a good idea.

My friend Ash, wants to set me up on a date with a younger guy. Which is good because I’m starting to forget what dating feels like; but not so good because I don’t feel like I’ve finished up with the old yet.

I’m looking forward to getting my hands on a copy of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants- Part II. If it ever reaches our shores, that is. Anyways, I’m off to read the newspaper and busy myself with other things like, take a breath, for one.

Going to end this post with one of my favourites. A brilliant track by the Red Hot Chili Peppers called ‘Road Trippin’. I must say I love it for the sprawling guitars and the vocals and whether you are or aren’t a Red Hot Chili Pepper fan you’ll love every second of this song, from start to end. Saying that is saying a lot.

Stay tuned for more melodrama and of course, how can we miss out- Music!

Happy Independence Day!

To Pritham.

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Anonymous said...

Joker Joker When are we going to meet…

I missed u in the cinemas…God…what a miss…


What can I say about that…!

But sure will make it up…I heard that u are still running in Kerala…and guess what! I am coming to my home sweet home this month end

Hang in there u dash Joker…let me see how good a dash are u

I will sure catch U, U Joker…

This is the first time am so thrilled to meet a Villain, U dash Joker!