September 23, 2009

26 Ahoy!

Tomorrow, at 9:01 a.m. Eastern Standard Time, I will turn 26.

Happy birthday to me!

New age.

New clothes.

New haircut*.

*Couldn’t show you my entire face or you’d notice the bags under my eyes. I've only just returned from a long day at work. And lawd knows I ain't twenty no mo'.
I'm still grooving on Telepopmusik. It's not magically brilliant or anything but it's strong, and damn catchy. The ultimate find, though, has to be this track titled ‘Naked as we came’, part of the 2004 release by Indie Rock-Folk band Iron & Wine. These guys are phenomenal. Like punch yourself in the face because you so regret not discovering them sooner good. Nothing short of brilliant. I dare you – listen to this track.