March 10, 2009

Please excuse me while I scream….

Okay… Now that that’s done. I shall proceed to tell you the reason behind this outburst. The one thing that is guaranteed to have me running out of a room, ready to bawl my lungs out in happiness and run up and down my two storey building, is receiving this package - an original Imcha Imchen creation!!!!!

It was a little overwhelming, and I won’t say I didn’t cry some tears of joy. I wanted to have everyone I loved in the room with me right then, to hug them and somehow have them feel this way too. But right now I want to sincerely thank Imcha for being such an amazing friend no matter how busy and far away he is right now. ‘Marky Marc, this really means more to me that you’ll ever know.’

Saturday night had me attending Naga Night 2009; a night to showcase the rich cultural heritage of the people of Nagaland. At the venue I felt like I was back in Dimapur. Meeting people, learning names, throwing in for some pork.

The best part of the night was the performance by this band named ‘Divine Connection’.

It was the huge setting, chill atmosphere and awesome music that made it unlike any other performance I’ve attended. The music was a fusion of modern rock, hint of jazz, funk and nu-metal. I was supposed to stay in Nagaland long enough to catch the Hornbill Festival but plans didn’t go down that way. Divine Connection was the band that won at the Hornbill Music Festival and I was so excited that I had the chance to watch them last night.

They’re striking and their clarity and quality of sound is extremely full and well rounded and that really brings up the energy. The vocalist, Obed Kath, was able to work the crowd up pretty well and was clearly confident with his singing, and this went hand-in-hand with the amazing range of sound that they’ve developed, from provoking and awakening to intense and heated. This is what makes them musicians and not just members of some band. The set they played was blood pumping, adrenaline rushing, great sounding music and I would have bought an album at the concert if I had seen it.

One thing's for sure though, I would definitely go to another Divine Connection concert if they ever came around again.

So far I haven’t had the chance to feel guilty about not looking for another job, which is something that I’m finding hard to get motivated about.
Speaking of which, I spent the last week sending out résumés to various companies. I have a résumé that I’m pretty proud of right now, after spending a lot of time fixing it up. No phone calls so far.

If you’re looking to hear Divine Connection’s music you can check out their music here:

Naga Music Online

The video appearing here on Evuhleen’s Corner is a very short Divine Connection’s bootleg live track, not a studio recording, so be prepared for a little background noise. All that aside enjoy the music and the next time DC is in town get out and see their show.

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