August 08, 2008

The week has ended pretty well. Had a one-on-one with the boss. We discussed process related issues and then for 15 minutes after that we spoke about my blog. I love my job.
This weekend I intend to stay at home during which I expect to do nothing but eat my way into obesity which would cause me to assume the shape of a globe at which point I would have to withdraw completely from any human relations.

The question that’s been on my mind today is: Why on earth am I looking so tired lately?
1) I require sleep.
2) Maybe the tired look is an external expression of the deterioration in my morals;
3) or maybe I’m just getting older?

If the answer is 1), I’ve been sleeping 7 blissful hours daily. I don’t see the point of getting more cos that’ll just make me outrightly lazy. And I don’t see the use of sleeping when I can perhaps use that time to do something more creative. Hmm…Party!

If the answer is 2), I can ask my uncle the artist to paint my portrait. I shall keep it safe someplace where no one will find it; this portrait, like that of Dorian Gray, will show all outward manifestations of my moral deterioration, while I remain forever youthful and attractive.

And if the answer is 3)) then I should just get married and disappear.
I'm sort of wishing it’s answer number 2 but I don’t really know how I’m supposed to get that idea to work.

Sometimes all your day needs is one good song for a much-needed uplift.
No point in waiting for Amy Winehouse to get her cocaine effected lungs to work again. In the meantime, this slice of vocal heaven from THE Suzanne Vega doesn’t make me care so much for Miss Winehouse. I have to admit that listening to these tunes of Vega’s left me wishing for more. I’ve uploaded two of her tracks because one just wouldn’t be enough. These tracks have a certain epic like quality that begs to be heard. Apparently, ‘Tim’s Diner’ (DNA Remix) made it to UK #2 in 1990 (that’s what I’m playing for you folks). ‘Caramel’ has also a special place in my heart because Runa had sung it and she actually sounded as good as Suzanne Vega. Wish she would just get over being so conscious and let me upload her track. But since I haven’t got her consent y’all are just going to have to take my word for it. Happy Friday folks. I’ll try and post something this weekend if I can. As always. Stay tuned.