November 17, 2008

On Vacation.

Hello dear readers, this is your captain speaking.

For those of who who have just stumbled onto this blog, I've been spending the past week in Dimapur, Nagaland and I've been living it up on a little slice of winter vacation. Due to these good times I haven't had a lot of access to the internet and it's really difficult for me to get to a cyber cafe in town and upload music. So I have no new music for you kids to gobble up. I’m spending this week visiting the capital, Kohima- specifically 'Dream Cafe' and the war cemetery. The following week I’ll be visiting some towns and villages in Dimapur.

As I wont be around for awhile, I’d like you to check out these fine blogs for your reading enjoyment in my absense.

Bhumika's Boudoir

Confuzd Jughead


Jugular Bean

The Eastern Glow


Enjoy them at your leisure. EC sincerely recommends them. To all my readers: Enjoy your November. Cheers.

10 Pulses Say:

Anonymous said...

I'm planning to go to nagaland in december for the hornbill festival. I heard a lot about it. Hope you have fun

Anonymous said...

LOL ... we've missed you Captain!

Hope you're having a great time!

Anonymous said...

Why do the last two links point to the same blog?

Anonymous said...

Have a blast! and errr... I didnt mean that literally! Give my love to Kaplang and Isaac Muviah. lolz. Been to Kohima when I was a kid, following my dad around on one of his duties (he was the chief engineer at Mizoram's Power and Electric Dept). Planning to come there again soon...

Come back online soon. Miss your music updates. Wish I could go back home too for the winter... :-(

Anonymous said...

@ edson_dias: U lucky fella! I just couldn't stay back for the festival. Have got to be back at work on monday. Well, u have fun and let me know how it goes.

@SwB: I'm back and i had a fabulous vacation... i never wanted it to end. Missed u and I see so many posts on your blog that i'll have to get started on. Tc and have a fabulous week.

@Arnold: They dont. Try those again. Nice to see you here again. :)

@illusionaire: :) Kohima is a beautiful place, it's just the journey that gets to me. The underground.. now they're scary. Not that i saw any of them in action(thankfully not) but just the stories i had heard. And everytime we went out in the evening there'd be police stopping us and checking our car and bags. I'm here now and i'll keep u company this winter. :D

Anonymous said...

No. I'm not that lucky after all. I'll be reaching nagaland at 10 pm on the 5th. thats the last day of the festival. couldnt make it earlier. :-)

Anonymous said...

Welcome backkkkkkk!!! :)

errr... uncomfortable (((hugzzz)))


Anonymous said...

@edson_dias: Oh Man!! Well, now i dont feel so bad ;P But i guess you'll be there for the White Lion concert. Where are you gonna be staying? Dimapur or Kohima or at any of the other villages?

@illusionaire: hahahaha :) Hugs back to ya.

Anonymous said...

I will reach dimapur on the 5th. Still havent booked my return ticket. I'll be staying at my friends place. He is a musician & the leader of the popular rock group called Abiogenesis. He's also invented a bamboo instrument called the bamhum. Moa ( thats his name ) wants me to direct his next music video. but the problem is , I'll be in nagaland for only 3 days. :-(

read about them on these links below

Anonymous said...

@edson_dias: Wow! that's big! Directing a music video... Is that what u usually do?
When i first read the name Moa i thought it was this naga singer i adore, but seems like this is a different guy.
So u haven't booked your return ticket... that's awesome! You must stay back and explore the place... unless you have something far more important to do.
3 weeks wasn't enough for me :) I miss the place so much.
Thanks for the links. Have an awesome trip. While you're there you must try Akhuni. :)