February 03, 2011

Guess what

The Frenchman asked me to marry him, and I said yes!

And the reason I haven’t told you guys sooner was because that I couldn’t go five minutes without my phone ringing. I had no idea how many friends and family I had until my new relationship status was announced.

For the record, this weekend was not the first time The Frenchman has suggested we get married. The first time was approximately 48 hours after we’d met. Even then, my first reaction was, “I would absolutely marry this guy,” which was a stretch even for me. I could never even think of marriage with any of my previous boyfriends without having an anxiety attack.

So! On Saturday night, he asked me out for dinner before spending the entire weekend together and was super casual about it, like he hadn’t already planned on this. I suspected he was going to propose but not so soon. It had been a really rough couple of weeks, what with the meeting of the family, the questions and such.

So we sit at our table and eat our delicious meal, drink our wine and have a lazy chat, and then he stretches his hand across the table to hold mine. Of course, I was wearing one of my favourite pieces of jewelry - A massive black ring. He proceeds to take off my ring, saying that it’s much too uncomfortable to hold my hand with it on. And after a little argument I say okay and wear it on my other hand. What I do not realize is that while I was occupied with wearing my ring on the other hand, The Frenchman produces a box slyly on the table.
I sit up and look down at the box and say, “Wait, what?” and then he smiles and says, “Will you marry me?” and I shout OH MY GOD! CRAP!? But then I said yes.

We’ve had a million conversations about getting married in the past, basically since the day we met, so I knew this was coming at some point, but it was a completely wonderful moment and just what I’d always wanted. A surprise, and private, and simple, and an almost sort of natural feeling. And it was all of that, it was absolutely faultless.

So yes! I am totally going to marry this guy, a month from now. Thank you in advance for being so glad and encouraging, blog readers. I always knew you guys were all right.

While I’m already talking your ear off and being as sappy as possible, here’s some music to wrap this post up. At some point over the last three months I stopped looking for new music. But fret not I won’t be that way for too long now. I know that I’m risking losing you forever and seriously, you guys deserve some love. So here’s Train with ‘Marry Me’... Yes, cheesy, I know. But it’s so good, so instantly timeless, that my subconscious filed it away with songs I’ve loved over the last 15 years of my life. Now bear with me because this is my blog, so I’m allowed to indulge occasionally.

I love this song, I hope you will too.