June 29, 2010


Allow me once again to be a proud, bragging friend and fan. On Saturday night Soulmate played at the beautiful airport hotel, Clarks Exotica. Sure, I’ve written about this band plenty of times but to me they – especially Tips, completely kicked ass again. Luckily for you I had my camera with me so you can see just how awesome she was.

Yeah, perhaps I got a little distractingly close….

and that, my friends, is the most awesome vocalist and my friend.

Went for the photo essay thingy (I'm so bloody articulate, it hurts sometimes) instead of the usual post. More about the weekend soon.

7 Pulses Say:

Anupama said...

Really really nice pictures Eve! Must have been a great evening filled with Soulmate's music :) Thanks for letting us peek in to the brilliant time you had...have a nice rest-of-the-weeek!

iAmCha said...

Why you do even waste your precious time with nonsensical LDRs when you have someone like Tipriti as a friend, and Soulmate dedicating songs to you during their concerts? Are you crazy?

I think she is among the most beautiful musicians in the world!

Kro said...

Two words
lucky bum

Unknown said...

Eveline! You made my day :) I kept thinking the post you commented on was off topic on a "fashion" blog but couldn't resist sharing. I hate boundaries.

She looks like she's killin it! And you get dedications huh? O.o

Eveline said...

@Anupama: I like to look at it too, that’s why I took so many photos of the event I guess. Now I have the photos to look at and they make me happy. Thanks for commenting! :)
I feel like I’ve just started exploring photography too, hehe, and it is a wonderful world to wander into…

@Imcha: hahaha. You inspire me every day. Thank you for that. Tips isn't just beautiful, she speaks my language when it comes to music.
If someone told me 2 years ago that one of my good friends would be one of India's best Blues vocalist, I'd have laughed... no wait, cackled.

@Kro: Thanks for commenting! :)

@Repulic Of Chic: This is how I feel about blogging too. After your post on accessories I might be inspired to put up something similar. I’m still thinking about those beautiful and funky home decor ideas on your site.
As for the vocalist. She never fails to leave people in awe. So far the best Blues & Soul singer in India.
And being her biggest fan I do get a few dedications whenever she hits B'lore. Thanks for stopping by!

iAmCha said...

i mean come on!
THE best singer to emerge out of India let alone Blues!

Also, the photographs look lovely.

the last one was my fav. Maybe it's also cause Rudy is nicely framed along with her. I think you shouldn't leave the man out when u shoot next time.

I want to hear Elaine Wallang's voice now. Do you know about her work??

You may her biggest fan, but i AM the official stalker of the Wallang family!

Eveline said...

@Imcha: Thank you so much for sharing your loving perspective. The reason you see so many pictures of Tips is for the simple reason that I'm not just the hunter behind the machine, but that I need my model or muse to understand the photos as part of an exchange. Often I avoid taking shots of the other members of the band cos they're hiding behind instruments or mics or just away from proper lighting.
You are right, though, Imcha, I gotta start taking more of the others. Again, thank you for the loving look.