May 12, 2009

In Times of Sickness

My room is untidy, a side-effect of my sickness. I should be cleaning up this growing mess. No, I should be resting, but I’d prefer jotting down something instead, seeing as how I haven’t had a chance in four days. It would appear as if I’m going through some kind of articulation alienation but I’m just coming off a fever. All the classic symptoms — high fever, body ache, slight headache, hot and cold flashes. It’s been horrid to say the least.

Even though the temperatures went up today, I wrapped myself in a thick quilt to stop the shivering. I can’t even remember what caused the fever, and can only guess that acknowledgement of my current physical state is setting in. The only saving grace is that by the evening, I felt positive enough to get myself off of bed and watch some tv. Not that I want to do it alone. Wish I had the option.

I hope I had a smile in my dresser for days like this.

I was afraid I’d be too bummed to get back to work tomorrow and was just generally filled with teed off, depressed annoyance, and hence was so stirred up to make the following list:

Folks Who Should Watch Out If I Had a Gun:

That guy who’s dating my sister
Muthalik and his gofers
The biggest girl in our office who tells me I’m putting on weight
Maybe one very important person, just for bragging rights
Paris Hilton and her skinny counterpart

Occasionally it feels like music is the only thing that can bring out my sensations again. Most of them have been restored by simple willpower to move on. All else is just routine. So I was deliberating in my head which band/singer to choose for this post. There were quite a few songs/artists I could have chosen from, but my mind was made up as I listened to songs between Tyler Hilton and The Dead Confederate. For those of you who are just showing up to these posts here on EC let me elucidate a bit. As a rule I post about music that I really find irresistible and performers that I root for. While that is true of every post I write here on EC it does seem that most artists I choose to write about could fit into a small division of music.

30 Seconds to Mars’ ‘From Yesterday’ is absolutely sick (I mean that in a good way). You can’t listen to this track and not love it ( and Jared Leto is seriously Emo hot!).

The band is brilliant and they just might be making the best music of their career. I must admit, I’ve listened to this single, off their album titled 'A Beautiful Lie' (2005), at least 10 times in a row and I’m not sick of it. I actually enjoy it quite a bit. This track is excellent and listening to it should give you goose bumps, or at least wake you up.