June 18, 2009

Darn Crush!

Okay, let's talk about something we all do, whether we want to acknowledge it or not. We've all been infatuated with complete strangers. Sometimes it can be someone whose face you see quite often on your facebook page or on TV, sometimes it's someone you just see around the place. Usually these crushes are meaningless and risk-free. At times they trigger trouble, particularly if you choose to take it all to your head. But this post is about the trouble-free one. I prefer most things that way.

It could be the guy who passes you by every morning or the guy who smiles at you without saying a single word. Not really an absolute alien, 'cause you’re there and he’s there quite often, but the only dialogue you ever have are along the dazzling lines of:

"Hey you."
"Good morning."
"The weekend was good."

Yet you find yourself miles away with him, imagining what he’ll be like on a proper date or what he’ll sound like over the phone.

It could be that musician whose voice you love. You find yourself looking at his picture on your desktop more often than you work or play his music - but you always rush out to get a hold of his new album anyway.

Maybe it's the radio producer who's surely the only reason you hear that radio show. Or someone who works at the same building you do but you've never figured out exactly where. Or possibly just someone you walk past on the street.

In all probability if you ever actually got to know the person you'd be frustrated. But then again, who knows? The earth is bursting with random goodness.

I can't really write this without disclosing a random infatuation of my own. I choose Danny Pino, who's been the most TV-visible for me in the past few weeks. He seems like a sweetheart.
I'd tell you a seen-in-real-life one but "that guy I see passing me by sometimes" doesn't tell you much, does it?

On my way to work, listening to Meghana Dawan’s show on Radio Indigo is the norm; I'm hearing a lot more popular music. I'm mostly blasé, but who cares?

Today, we've got Amanda Marshall. If you don't know who she is, well you're about to find out.
Marshall’s on this song called ‘Dark Horse’. It was recorded during 1996 if anyone cares. This artist and the song - I'm quite fond of. I like to hear a good song, with a great tune and even better lyrics, in a way that makes me think about it or that illuminates something about it. Her music falls under pop-rock with emphasis on pop melodies and ballads. This Canadian artist was born in a biracial family – daughter to a Caucasian father and a Black mother. In many of her songs, she has implicitly, referred to her racial identity "as a woman who looks white but is also half-black". She does this breathy vocal thing with the deep voice thing which was quite popular with early 90’s music. Well not really but you get the idea.

‘Dark Horse’ by Amanda Marshall initially did not impress me, but has now grown on me.
If you do listen to this track, please leave a comment telling me whether you liked it or not. Even if it's monosyllabic. Enjoy!

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