March 11, 2009

Things I Want....

I want to see the night full of city lights, flashing in orange, red and white, to remind me that existence still goes on even as I'm unaware of it.

I want to be in a café with Ash, talking about that which only we could understand about each other.

I want to be looking out the open window of my uncle’s house in Dimapur, to hear the people talking in beautiful Ao, even through the night. I want to smell the wood burning and the moistness of the soil.
I want music to be playing just for me. To lead me through decision after decision.

I want to lie on the beach. To feel the fresh, damp wind blowing through every strand of my hair. To feel the air and quiet consuming me whole.

I want to watch ‘Divine Connection’ perform, with the energy of their music around me as if the night would never end. I want to walk out of that performance into the deafening night air, my mind racing and humbled by the performance.

I want someone to take care of me, because I’m tired of taking care of myself.

I want to be different from everyone, but fit in everywhere.

I want to be passionate about more things. Attract other passionate people, feed off their energy, like a dialogue of ideas and inspiration and with them becoming something more than what I am by myself.

I want my music loud, while I walk through this life. Walking it off like it’s nobody’s business, dancing inside to the bass pounding in my ears.

I want to never give up.

I want to never be stuck in the rat race.

I want to smoke, drink, and eat cheeseburgers all day.

I want to always dream, hope, believe in something better.

I want to be surrounded by my best friends. To speak without thinking. To feel without caring. To confide without worrying.

I want this feeling to last forever.
If you pay attention, comics will teach you many important lessons, and this week, we learn that not every scumbag can be taken down with the judicious application of a kick to the face.

Awhile back I had got myself a copy of ‘The Watchmen’ and it’s one of the best comics I have ever read. Believe it or not, I sometimes exaggerate for effect here on EC, but there comes a time when I have to set aside any pretense and just lay out the facts, and this is one of them. This graphic novel, which casts a world of costumed heroes, is completely a fantastic work of art. I don’t know what happens in the last few chapters, as I had to stop before my head exploded from radness. This is the greatest comic book that has ever been published. Given the amount of time I’ve spent on it last week, it should probably have become pretty apparent that I tend to think about The Watchmen more than just about anything else I had read before.
For starters, there’s Alan Moore, who – it’s no surprise that a guy with his track record knows how to put together a fantastic comic, but he manages to pull off the neat trick of hitting all the familiar beats of a classic action packed story while still keeping everything fresh and exciting. But I must say that the real star here is the art. The book is a treasure, folks, and while the art alone would make the book worth reading, the way the pictures pulls off every beat of Moore’s script is just a joy to read.

And that’s today’s post. As always, if anything caught your eye, feel free to tell me about it, for now here is Smashing Pumpkins’ with ‘The beginning is the end is the beginning’.

2 Pulses Say:

Anupama said...

Hey Ev,

It read like my wishlist and its nice to know someone else knows exactly how each if these things feels...thanks for the very heart-warming read...have a nice weekend :)

Eveline said...

Hey Anupama,

Glad you liked the post. Sometimes, it feels like i'm the only one who thinks about these things but it's nice to hear that you feel them as well. Awesome week to ya.